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    Law# 29 of 1927 Order of the Two Rivers

    Guest IMHF

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    Law# 29 of 1927 Order of the Two Rivers/Wisam al Rafidain

    This doucument for an Iraqi Order needs translation for others to share:

    Thank you for your help

    SSG Luna, Lorenzo

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    How about .........

    Published in IGG No.15 of 9 April, 1927

    99. THE AL RAFIDAIN? MEDAL LAW No. 29 OF 1927

    WE, KING of IRAQ

    With the approval of the Senate and Chamber of Deputies, do hereby order the enactment of the following Law:-

    Article 1

    There shall be created a medal under the title of ?Al Rafidain Medal with 5 classes, the 1st being the highest.

    Article 2

    This Medal shall be granted by a Royal Decree.

    Article 3

    The shape of each class of the Medal, the colour of its ribbons, the time and manner of wearing and all questions connected with the manner of its grant and possession shall be defined by regulations.

    Article 4

    The following fee shall be levied on Iraqis granted this medal:

    Class of Medal Rs.

    Class I 120

    Class II 80

    Class III 60

    Class IV 40

    Class V 15

    This law shall come into force from the date of its publication in the Government Gazette

    All Ministers are charged with execution of this Law

    Made at Baghdad this 22nd day of March, 1927, and the 19th day of Ramadhan, 1345



    Prime Minister - Minister of Interior - Minister of Finance& Minister of Foreign Affairs


    Minister of Defence inister of Comms. & Works


    Minister of Education Minister of Awqaf

    Published in the Waqayi al Iraqiya No. 527 dated 31-3-27

    Published in IGG No.24 of 23 June, 1928

    I hope this helps - see also my JOMSA article on the awards of the Kingdom of Iraq.



    P.S. You can buy me a beer.....

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