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  1. Good morning, I think this is an unofficial commemorative piece - not a state award. Owain
  2. Paul, UKR, Republic of Yemen - to commemorate the 25th anniversary (1973-1998) of the war liberating the Shareen ( a tribal name). The brick design may allude to the Marib Dam. I think for YAR and RoY flags are depicted Further research required........ Owain
  3. Numis, With regard to your query these are District Chief/Headman's Badge which come in silver and bronze. The Arabic is a reflection of the English and vice versa. I attach an example sold by the auction house DNW. The obverse reads 'Dowla Zinjibar' - 'Government/State of Zanzibar', and the reverse reads 'Wilayat Shaka Shaka' - 'Chake Chake District'. I believe there are five medals in this series : Chake Chake, Chuaka, Mkoani, Mwera and Weti Districts. The phrase "hen's teeth" comes to mind. From my limited Arabic in the Gulf 'Hakumat' is 'Government' whilst 'Dowla' is 'State' - no doubt
  4. Gentlemen, Another 'new' addition to the PDRY awards series. The medallet reads, right to left: '1963- 1973 / The Tenth Anniversary of the 14 October Revolution' It is made of a very light aluminium type metal and weighs 4.94 grammes, and measures 34.9mm x 36.4mm, and the suspension brooch is 16.9mm x 14.8mm. The piece was obtained from Moscow and thus may be a Soviet made piece. The quality is 'cheap' and thus may be more of a souvenir piece than an official award. Nonetheless this is the first time I have seen such a piece. The date commemorates the commencement of t
  5. UKR, You are welcome. There is a long series of these commemorative medallions - they were not worn with official state awards. Owain
  6. Dr. Ali, More great images - he also has awards from Ethiopia and Italy. Owain
  7. Dr. Ali, A great photograph. I can see Orders from Belgium, France, Monaco, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey (Ottoman) as well as the Persian awards. I cannot identify the star at the bottom left and the partially obscured one on the bottom right or the two uppermost medals. Owain
  8. UKR, This is a Syrian Ba'ath Party medallion commemorating in 1988 the 28th anniversary of the 8 March 1962 revolution - it appears that whilst the revolution was planned in 1962 the actual seizure of power happened in 1963. Owain
  9. Hi, After searching the Arabic internet I could only find a B&W image - see attached, Owain
  10. I hope this assists - an article I had published in JOMSA some years ago, Owain The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia The Holy Mosque Medal 1979 During the 1979 pilgrimage or Hajj, one of the five pillars of Islam and at the holiest shrine of Islam, on the 20th of November, under the leadership of Jaheeman Bin Saif Al Otaibi, various fundamentalists of Saudi, Pakistani, Libyan, Moroccan and Yemeni origin seized control of in the Holy Mosque in Mecca. At this time Al Otaibi proclaimed that the Mahdi had come in the person of Mohammed Bin Abdullah Al Qahtaini and that all the pilgrims
  11. Yes I do - Nasser and Tito were very friendly and visited each other on numerous occasions. I think it would have gone to a junior rank not an officer as and officer would have received an Order of Merit (not the Medals of Merit which was a separate series of medals) or Order of the Republic. Owain
  12. Hi, This is the Medal of Merit - it appears to be silver and thus a 2nd Class - also a silver mark. The Arabic on the suspension reads 'Republic of Egypt' - the suspension 'bird' was later changed when the nation became the 'Egyptian Arab Republic' - see image below. The revers Arabic is the word 'merit'. Regards, Owain
  13. Hi, The upside down clasp in the auction picture is 'Falasteen' (Palestine), Regards, Owain
  14. Gentlemen, I note below the details of the Lebanese Military Valour Medal. Owain Instituted by Decree 1669, on August 18, 1971; awarded to all servicemen in the Army, either for years of distinguished service or for acts of bravery in two classes: · Silver for Officers · Bronze for Other Ranks The Medal: The "Military Valour Medal" consists of an 'egg' shaped bronze medal, and a ribbon affixed to the medal by a ball and loop on the reverse. Obverse: The head of a soldier with a helmet and an olive branch. At the base, the Arabic inscript
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