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  1. Demir, Many thanks indeed - much appreciated. I tried Google translate but with no success! Owain
  2. Good evening, I have been given an unknown to me Ottoman title or rank yaveran i hazreti sehriyari Can this be translated? I think the second word is something like 'highness' Thanks, Owain
  3. Ilja, Thanks for the link. The English title is 'award' but the Arabic could also be easily translated as 'prize'. The award in four classes is linked not only to service but time served in qualifying, and the four grades are as follows- Collar 25 years plus, Sash 20 years plus, Badge (the Arabic reads 'order') 15 years plus; and the medal 10 years plus. Regards, Owain
  4. Ilja, An interesting combination of community award with a structure of an order. A lot of the Arabic is not clear but the upper inscription on the badge is, "In the name of Allah, etc.". The suspension disc on the collar reads, "The Collar", and on the sash, "The Sash". Some nice symbolism - red and white - the colour of the Dubai flag; seven points to the badge - seven emirates in the UAE; and the use of pearls to reflect the traditional industry of the emirate. Owain
  5. The lapel badge is also 'Cairo University', Owain
  6. Hi, It is a medal from 1956 for/from Cairo University - possibly something to do with 'life education' - it may be some manner of society badge. Regards, Owain
  7. Ilja, The certificate notes, "National Order of Labour" of the First Class awarded to Ambassador Salah Ali Hassan Al Malki. Owain
  8. Ilja, Not a medal but a prize. The inscription is not clear but I can make out that is is a prize for humanitarian work in the name of Mohammed Al Qassimi (Sharjah?). The top of the medal, I think, is, 'In the name of Allah, etc." Owain
  9. Thanks Nick. Even if I get 50% it will cover a few beers - thank for the link. Owain
  10. I am assuming these are of no great scarcity or value. Owain
  11. Many thanks - again GMIC members add information! Owain
  12. Gentlemen, I recently acquired as part of a lot of assorted UK club medals the pair of wings illustrated below. They are very well made and in excellent condition and are made by the firm of Johnson of Milan. The cardboard case may be original. One has a crown and one does not. Online research indicates that the crown was removed from the badge after the fall of the central government of Mussolini. This is not my area of expertise but as they are so well made I am happy to share. No doubt someone in GMIC can enlighten us. Kind regards, Owain
  13. Gentlemen, Finally for today another example of a RAOB Iraq jewel - this time of a standard early generic format - see India and Sudan jewels previously illustrated - of gilt metal of excellent quality: Obverse - Royal Antedeluvian Order of Buffaloes / S.T.B. / Iraq (I am unaware as to what STB stands for) Reverse - Bro. F. Crayton / Member Of The / R.A.O.B., G.L.E. / In Iraq (The name has been engraved) & Maker's name - L. Simpson & Co. / 56 York Road / King's Cross N1 In addition the box which the medal came in which is detailed - Telephone : North 0864 / L. Simps
  14. Gentlemen, This time a more detailed image of an already seen Omani based RAOB Lodge: Top bar - RAOB Obverse - Andrew 9898 Grainger Reverse - Plain other than the makers mark - Parry B'Ham As of writing I have no detail as to who Andrew Grainger is or was. Regards, Owain
  15. Gentlemen, Purchased may years ago in London: Top Bar - Pyramid Lodge No 692 Bottom Bar - Saudi Arabia Obverse - Founder Member 1982 Reverse - Plain I am not sure which jurisdiction this particular lodge came under - not the United Grand Lodge of England - possible an American one. I believe that there were lodges on US bases which were established by personnel who had been based in overseas in Germany or elsewhere. A quick search on line comes up with 'American Lodge of Past Masters 962 / American Canadian Grand Lodge / Under the Jurisdiction of / Uni
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