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  1. Yes indeed - 😉 -wife does know best!
  2. Dond, I think jewellery not an order. Regards, Owain
  3. Hi, This is a UAR Military Technical College badge and the two suspended links read, I think, 'Good Administrative Duty' and 'Sport Superiority' - confirmation or otherwise awaited! Regards, Owain
  4. Dave, Interesting piece - I suspect this is an unfinished cross and that the 'silver' on the upper reverse relates to the soldering of the suspension ring. Regards, Owain
  5. Nick, Your observation is well made - many thanks - and I agree. Many thanks indeed. Always learning. Owain
  6. Johan, Nice portrait photograph. On looking again at the chain are two miniatures missing? Either side of the Swedish medal at the right? Owain
  7. Nick, Apologies for delay in acknowledging your post - all good stuff for which many thanks. I believe the star centre and some medals were the same design. I attach images of the medals with the original enamel - these were formerly in the collection of Prof. Dr. Gustav Tammann. Regards, Owain
  8. Johan, Looks good - a nice period piece - well made - silver gilt with mark on ring. Regards, Owain
  9. Good morning, I attach an image of a group which includes the Order of the Star - this was for sale recently at the Ader auction in Paris - I was not the purchaser! Owain
  10. Good morning, This group, from Ambassador Mesfin Abebe is in my collection and consists of the following: · Ethiopia – Order of the Star of Ethiopia – Commander (3rd Class) · Ethiopia – Order of Menelik II – Officer (4th Class) · Ethiopia – Emperor Haile Selassie I Silver Jubilee Medal, 1955 · United Kingdom – The Royal Victorian Order- Knight Commander (2nd Class) · Japan - Order of the Rising Sun – Grand Officer (2nd Class) · Federal Republic of Germany – Order of Merit - Grand Officer (2nd Class) · Republic of Sudan – Order of the Republic – Commander (3rd Class) · Brazil – Order of the Southern Cross – Commander (3rd Class) · Greece – Order of George I – Commander (3rd Class) · France – National Order of Merit – Officer (4th Class) · Yugoslavia – Order of the Yugoslav Flag – Officer (4th Class) · Jordan – Order of Renaissance – Commander (3rd Class) · Czechoslovakia – Order of the White Lion – Commander (3rd Class) In my research correspondence with a colleague, Greg Copley, President of the International Society for the Imperial Ethiopian Orders, allowed him the raise the matter with H.I.H. Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie, Honorary Patron of the Society, and who, “asked me to pass on his remembrances of Ambassador Mesfin Abebe which you may wish to quote in your story and to add some texture” to the research on this group. “Mesfin Abebe was Imperial Ethiopian Ambassador to Greece in the early 1970s, and he would receive my Mother and I when we visited Athens. In 1975, when the Dergue's revolution began to bite, he moved with his family to the United Kingdom, where he was granted political asylum. He was a devout monarchist, and in exile in the UK he met frequently with my Uncle, the late Emperor Amha Selassie I, who was also in exile at that time in the UK. He was a highly-respected figure, and was good friends with Maj.-Gen. Nega Tegegne (who fought the Dergue with the Ethiopian Democratic Union forces) and Maj.-Gen. Nega Haile-Selassie (who was a major figure in suppressing the coup attempt in 1960), as well as Ras Andargachew Mesai, who was the husband of Prince Tenagne-Worq, the Emperor's oldest child. He was also a devout Orthodox Christian. Without being overtly political, he was — as someone so opposed to the Dergue — always of counsel to those fighting the communist Dergue.” “He was a quiet, dignified, sophisticated, and well-educated man. He was gentle and soft-spoken, but with a good sense of humour. He was highly social and sociable. He believed in service and duty. He was a career foreign service officer within the Protocol Department, which accounts for his trips accompanying His Imperial Majesty on the many State visits on which he was decorated. He was fluent in French, Greek, English, and, I believe, Italian, in addition to Amharic. I have lost track of his family, but I believe that he was survived by his two daughters.” Regards, Owain
  11. Jeff, The Arabic script on the circular medal reads "Nishan Dar Al Sultani Bokarai Shareef" which translates as Order of the Noble House of Bokhara. The date is 1353 - date of institution? I believe this to be a medal of the order and which had one time been enamelled. The central inscription in the lozenge shaped medals reads "Bokhara Shareef" (Noble Shareef) and the date 1334. This has also lost its enamel. This may be a military medal of some kind but the script is difficult to read. In some instances the medals were made by person who could not read or understand the language used and thus the script is poorly formed. (This is sometimes the case with French colonial awards form Djibouti or the Comoros.) By the end of the nineteenth century the Bokhara Sultans were vassals to the Tsars and awarded their own orders which Russian recipients were allowed to wear with their Russian awards. Regards, Owain
  12. Johan, Your query concerning the miniature has resulted in a revealing great images - for which I am most grateful. I am working on a history of the Order of the Seal of Solomon and these images are most welcome. My sincere thanks to you. Kind regards, Owain
  13. Johann, Thanks for the image - interesting to note the badge is different from the one given to King Badouin which is a more skeletal design. Is there an image of the breast star? I have tried the Livrustkammaren website but can find no images of the King's awards. Thanks, Owain
  14. Johan, Occasionally OSE miniatures appear on E-Bay France. From the date you mention the Chamberlain would have received the order during Ras Tafari's visit to Sweden. As the Regent to Empress Zawditu he visited Europe in 1924. During this tour there were various exchanges of orders - Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg and United Kingdom. He visited Sweden, 7-13 June – an exchange of awards was made with King Gustav V, 1858-1959, – I have no details but it is known that Ras Tefari received the Order of the Seraphim. I believe the King would have received the Order of the Seal of Solomon but have to date no firm evidence. I attach a picture of the GO OSE awarded to the Joseph Bech the Prime Minister of Luxembourg in May 1924 - on display at the Luxembourg City Museum. The GO OSE is almost certainly by Bertrand of Paris and I would suggest the Swedish Chamberlain would have received the same model. I believe the King would have received the Order of the seal of Solomon but have to date no firm evidence. Regards, Owain
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