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  1. Thanks Gunner - sadly I 'discovered' the silver medal after the article had gone to print - hence it is not noted in the article - sod's law! Owain
  2. Peter, Yes, the bronze one is mine too - whilst scarce they do appear for sale fairly often. Perhaps the silver one was for a senior officer or a trial piece. Owain
  3. Gentlemen, I attach an image of a mystery piece recently acquired - a UN medal for Ethiopia in silver. This is the first time I have seen such a piece and other than being in silver is identical to the standard issue in bronze. Any suggestions as to why? The joy of collecting Imperial Ethiopian awards continues............. Owain
  4. Gentlemen, Another one from Libya - the OEA Lodge No.8821 - a silver gilt piece hallmarked London, 1963 - with ribbon in the then Kingdom of Libya national colours. OEA was the name of the ancient city which in due course became Tripoli. Regards, Owain
  5. Claudius, See below - would the beer win a medal? Owain
  6. Bob, Yes, you are right - the lack of documentation is annoying - with some of the more obscure awards any historical context or decrees/laws are invariably difficult to source and thus a certificate, as well as providing provenance also assists with research. As far as I am aware other than references to laws on PDRY certificates, to date, none of the actual instituting laws or regulations have been seen. The main PDRY law is, I believe, Law 45 of 1978. Regards, Owain
  7. Emmanuel, Nice photos and information. I was in Belize a life time ago in 1982 with the Army - a while before I was interested in medals. I recall the local beer - Beliken Beer - was OK. Beers are on me - well in sentiment - this is my 1,000 post! Owain
  8. Chris, No sight of other awards but I attach three pictures of Khalifa Haftar from the Arabic internet - wearing varying amounts of ribbons - 4, 6 and 9 rows respectively. His more recent pictures have him wearing less ribbons - possibly distancing himself from Ghadafi era awards. Sadly the 9 row image is not in high definition and thus, when I have a moment, I may attempt to identify his 6 row set. Regards, Owain
  9. Gentlemen, A new medal (32mm diameter - copper alloy) seen on E-Bay out of Moscow. Apparently made in Russia this year, 2020, for Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar for the Libyan National Army. The obverse translates as, 'Libyan National Army'. The reverse translates as, 'Honour for Military Successes'. Regards, Owain
  10. Thanks Emmanuel - as awarded to Erich Hoenecker and for sale at the next Thies Auction - no doubt it will be expensive! Owain
  11. Jack, Thanks for the higher resolution image. To my eye it appears to read: 1 Sha'abaan 1357 (25 September 1938) Almstr F. W. Kng (The Mister F. W. King) Thus it would appear that the recipient is a British national??? Of course I may have totally misread the Arabic. Regards, Owain
  12. Gentlemen, From a thread dealing with Arab awards I attach below a picture of Abdul Fattah Ismail, Head of State (1978-80) of the Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen (1978-80). It has take some time to identify his awards: PDRY - Order of 14 October USSR - Order of Friendship of Peoples Ethiopia - Hero of Ethiopia (neck badge) DDR - Order of Friendship of Peoples Grand Star (sash, etc.) USSR - Lenin 100th Anniversary USSR (??) - Unknown Can anyone hazard an educated guess as to what the last award on the brooch clip/suspension is? is it a Soviet one Many thanks, Owain
  13. Gentlemen, Even further progress - by 'googling' his name in Arabic I have found a colour version of the above image of Abdul Fattah Ismail and it is a portrait length image too. The sash, badge and star he is wearing of the East German Order - Stern der Völkerfreundschaft - it is the Grand Star - see details from Wikipedia below. The inner 'small' medal is probably the Soviet Lenin 100th Anniversary Medal as awarded 'to the figures of the international communist and labor movement and other progressive foreign leaders'. Any ideas as to what the last and smallest medal is? Regards, Owain The Star of People's Friendship (German: Stern der Völkerfreundschaft), a.k.a. Star of Nations' Friendship, was an order awarded by the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Established 20 August 1959, it was given to individuals of exceptional merit who had contributed to the "understanding and friendship between nations and preservation of peace". The Star of People's Friendship was given in three classes: 1st Class – Grand Star of People's Friendship in Gold (German: Großer Stern der Völkerfreundschaft in Gold) 2nd Class – Star of People's Friendship in Gold (German: Stern der Völkerfreundschaft in Gold) 3rd class – Star of People's Friendship in Silver. (German: Stern der Völkerfreundschaft in Silber) It was awarded on the recommendation of the presidency of the Council of Ministers (German: Präsidium des Ministerrates) via the chairman of the Council of State (German: Vorsitzender des Staatsrates) or in its name. The medal was awarded with a certificate.
  14. Jack, This was one of a series of 3 medals, each in three classes of gold, silver and bronze, instituted by King Fouad in 1923: Medal of Meritorious Acts Medal of Devotion Medal of Benevolence From my experience these appear to have been awarded to to Royal Court /Household staff - perhaps a bit like the British Royal Victorian Medal or Royal Long & Faithful Service Medal. I attach pictures of a named pair I acquired some years ago. Sadly I am unaware of any records which could be referred to to further identify the recipient. The medal were supposed to be awarded engraved with the name of the recipient and also the date but most of the medals I have seen are not named. I also attach a picture of a gold Medal of Benevolence - sold some years ago at a Schulman auction and a silver example. Please post detailed images and I will try and read the details. Regards, Owain A Named Pair of Royal Household Medals Medal for Meritorious Acts 2nd Class Suspension bar engraved “28 Shawal Year 1357” (corresponding to 12 October 1938) - reverse engraved “E. Geronimax” and a Medal of Duty 3rd Class – suspension bar “Emmanuel Geronimax”
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