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  1. Gentlemen,, After a period of absence a 'new' sighting - this time a jewel from RAOB Lodge R.A.F. Bahrain No. 9302. The design is simple - a falcon (a local hunting bird) on a blue background (symbolic of the sea surrounding Bahrain or the sky above) and suspended from a red and white ribbon being the national colours of Bahrain. Reverse image not seen. Regards, Owain
  2. Hi, The Arabic reads 'Mohammed Rassoul Allah' - Mohammed Allah's Messenger. Medal maybe, religious token maybe, personal amulet maybe, fantasy maybe. Great story. Owain
  3. Hi, As the only Marxist state in Arabia the PDRY awards system was modelled on its supporters in the Eastern Bloc. Most of the high state awards were made by the Soviet Mint in Moscow and many of the other military awards were made by the mint in Budapest. Internal security awards - sponsored by the STASI, came from East Berlin in the DDR. Regards, Owain Ilja, Your medal reads as follows: Model Teacher Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen Ministry of Education & Learning Regards, Owain
  4. Ilja, Nice selection of images - medals worn appear to consist mainly of Order of Devotion, War of Liberation Medal, Combat Proficiency Medal, 10, 15 & 20 Year Military Service Medals, plus 10, 15 & 20th Anniversary of the Army Medals. Owain
  5. Thanks Ilja - amusing to note that once the order has been pinned on Brezhnev the medal is twisted and the reverse faces the camera!
  6. Ilja, Nice image of Brezhnev with Ali Nasser Mohammed - do you have a date for this image? See Order of Revolution below. Inscription reads: 14 October Radfan Order of the Revolution. The Radfan mountains are north /north-east of Aden where there was a tribal uprising which, post independence in 1967, the Communists regime appropriated as a 'revolution'. Made by the Soviet State Mint in Moscow - excellent quality. Regards, Owain
  7. Ilja, Than you for sharing the images of the certificates - it a always good to see documentation in support of the various orders. It is interesting to note that the recipient Sultan Abdo Nagi has received awards from all 'three' Yemens: Yemen Arab Republic, 1962-1990, Order of Science, 1st Class, for "revolutionary service" - 30 September 1989 Peoples Democratic Republic of Yemen, 1967-1990, Medal of Literature & Art - 10 September 1977 Republic of Yemen, 1990 - to date, Order of 30 November, 2nd Class - 29 November 1997 http://en.sultannagi.com/List/315 He died in 1989 and thus it would appear that his YAR & RoY awards were posthumous. Regards, Owain
  8. Yes, It still had an Ismail pattern ribbon which has now been discarded! I suspect the past two purchasers saw the name rather than the medal and upon its arrival realised their error. Owain
  9. Ilja, It was awarded to Doctor Mohammed Mubarak Juma'ah. Owain
  10. Good morning, To the bottom right is the maker’s name “Huguenin”. On the reverse the three line inscription, “Medal of Rescue Iraqi Floods 1954 Year”. Regards, Owain
  11. Gentlemen, A search on the internet has indicated that the manufacturer of the miniature is from Germany. There were two minimum standards, 14 carat for gold and 800‰ (800 mil or 80% fine) for silver. The imperial crown, the Reichskrone, within a circle representing the sun ( Reichskrone und Sonne) was to be stamped on gold, and a crescent or half moon with the imperial crown (Halbmond und Reichskrone) was stamped on silver. The actual fineness of the metal was expressed in thousandths, and a mark identifying the company, or the trademark of the business, which stamped and guaranteed the marks. Sadly in this instance there is no maker's mark. Regards, Owain .
  12. Gentlemen, I detail below a recently obtained miniature - silver gilt with central cabachon. In recent years it was sold by two auctions houses as the Order of Ismail of Egypt! It is nicely made and marked with a crescent, a crown and 925. The crescent would indicate an Arab manufacturer, but numbers are not in Arabic script thus not, to my mind, Bichay of Cairo. Does anyone recognise the marks and have any idea who made this? Thanks, Owain
  13. Rusty, I believe the 'modern' medal is a privately made award, possibly by Worth, for the claimant to the Egyptian throne - Ahmed Fuad II (or his son Prince Mohammed Ali) who reigned as an infant 1952/3 until the Republic was proclaimed. Owain
  14. GD, Great - this clearly, to my mind, provides the circumstances of the award - he had met Haile Selassie before but I am confident that this visit to Addis Ababa was when he was presented with the order. Of course it would be nice to have a photo but that would be pushing my luck! I have had a quick look at the Mountbatten papers archive and no visible reference to a picture. Many thanks, Owain
  15. Gentlemen, Further to my ongoing research into Imperial Ethiopian awards can anyone provide the circumstances or details of the award of the Order of the Seal of Solomon to Lord Mountbatten. According to Wikipedia/Debrett's peerage he was awarded the Order in 1965. Many thanks, O owain
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