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Period squadron badge?


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I can't say if it is a period manufacture, but it is not for the Legion Condor. The design is for the Division Azul Lw squadron.

Panzerpionier will more accute than me.

That was the badge of the Nationalist Spanish fighter units during the Spanish Civil War.

The Spanish Blue Squadrons used emblems in the Russian front that were variations of the original design, and some pilots who were veterans of the Spanish Civil war used the badge in his original form.

This badge continues in use today in the Spanish Air Force by the unit who uses the Eurofighter.

Some info on the badge (in Spanish):



http://www.chez.com/mirage3/salud_y_planchetas.htm In french, mon ami!!!

AFAIK this was a Spanish badge and was not used by LC personnel.

Best regards

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