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Pakistani Medal Groups


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As with medals from elsewhere that India in South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, etc.), most Pakistani medals are unnamed. Not only does this reduce their interest and research value, but it has also led to a mammoth problem industry in the faking of groups. This is made easier by virtue of the fact that WWII medals are not officially named for soldiers who went to Pakistan.

I would estimate that 80% of the Pakistani "groups" on the market are FAKE. Higher than that for what you see on e$cam.


Can we post here our proper halal (maybe) Pakistani groups?

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383012 Recruit Abdul Ghafur, 16th Punjab Regiment

1- The General Service Medal, 1947 - KASHMIR 1948

2- The Pakistan Independence Medal, 1947 - 383012 RECT ABDUL GHAFUR 16. PB R (as is unfortunately usual, the Independence Medal is the sole named medal in the group)

3- The Pakistan Republic Commemorative Medal

4- United Arab Emirates, 1976 Armed Forces Amalgamation Medal

5- Abu Dhabi, Defence Forces Service Medal

An interesting group, in that it demonstrates service -- as something more than a recruit, to be sure -- on loan to the Abu Dhabi and the United Arab Emirates, ca. 1976. A nice, unusual, if somewhat tattered group. Were it not so tattered, however, I might doubt its authenticity!

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O. NO. 630129 COOK U. BAKSH

1- General Service Medal: Kacch 1965

2- War Star 1965

3- War Star 1971

4- Campaign Medal 1965

5- Campaign Medal 1971

6- Quaid-i-Azam Centennial

7- 1400 Hijra Medal

8- Oman, Peace Medal

Only the Istar-i-Herb 1385 / War Star 1385 [A.H. = 1965 C.E.] is named, as shown above. Very ragged mount, a tattered tailor's lable on reverse, so probably halal.

Interesting also for the Oman medal.

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1- General Service Medal: Kashmir 1948

2- Independence Medal

3- 1939-45 Star

4- WWII War Medal

5- Indian Service Medal

Only the Independence Medal is named, as shown above. He must have left by 1956, or there would have been a Republic Medal. Original ragged mounting.

I have BIG doubts on this one.

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