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    Hi gang,

    I have two questions i need some help with. I have a mbe with the gallantry oak leaf on the ribbon in the case. My question is this, what are they worth these days? My second question is there a way to date them by the hallmarks on the reverse, does anyone have a list?

    Thank You :cheers:

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    The Oak Leaf emblem denoting Gallantry was introduced in 1957 and not made retrospective. Hallmarking of MBEs stooped in 1937 with the introduction of the 2nd type (King/Queens Bust instead of Britannia).

    All you can really say is that ,if on a 2nd type MBE it was awarded after 1957. With no provenance the value is limited to the price of an MBE - ?80-95 and the cost of the Oak Leaf. If a proven recipient with confirmatory documentation then anything in the ?800- ?1100 range depending on Civil or Military award.


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    Yes - the values of an un-attributed Civil/Military MBE are the same - basically the only difference is the ribbon.

    Tppe one in "Gold"(Gilt) is the OBE The value is perhaps ?10 more than an MBE


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