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Luftwaffe Document-- Help Please

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Hello Guys, Sorry im new at this and my german knowledge is Zero or so. So I have to ask, what is this? Fliegerschutze? aircraft crew gunner certificate or what is it supposed to be? Allot of nice stuff in this forum I have to say. Thanks for the help.



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Oh NO... has this complete (in 2006) group been split up???? :banger::speechless:

EK 1, 2, Ehrenpokal, Kreta cufftitle, Black Wound Badge, flight clasp in gold with pendant, Bulgarian "eagle" etc all documented.... :speechless::banger:


I managed to start a new tread? I thought I was replying in the tread I found it, Wops sorry.

Anyway I dont think I got the answer on what that document was or im just to stupid to understand it. :)


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