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    I know Graco Industries outside of Houston, Texas is a major supplier of US medals . . . They make everything but the MOH. Who supplies the MOH now? Is the current inventory huge enough to handle the demand??. . Who supplies the replacements for lost, destroied by fire, or stolen medals plus MOH winners can have examples for their children and grandchildren. It's on the books if you don't believe me.

    Who makes the MOH now?

    Are there any other US medal makers? Who manufacturers the medals for the Texas State Guard . . often called the Texas National Guard? I know many states like Texas also have their own medals for military service. Who makes these medals? Who makes these????

    I'm just curious . . .

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    Hi Gary,

    It's been a long time, hope all is well on the ranch. As a former Texas Army Nat'l Guard Officer and Bn S1 I can tell you that Graco makes all the TXNG awards, they also produce the MOH, or at least they did. I put together a MOH display in the ROTC building at the University of Texas at Austin in honor of MOH recipient First Lieutenant Russell A. Stiendam, a UT grad and who the ROTC Building is named after (RAS Hall), and the MOH came from Graco. Other manufactures of US awards are IRA Green and Vanguard.



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    Hello John,

    Welocme to GMC. Yes, it's been a while. Thanks for the input and the information. I would love to see the MOH display at UT. Is it open to the public?

    Another question . . .Is there a site that shows and lists all the Texas Guard medals and awards?

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