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    Luftwaffe Officers 1937 Pattern Daggers

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    An unexpected Christmas gift.

    Some while ago my wifes parents were at the Army & Navy Club in London with friends, when mother in law commented how much I'd like the various medals etc on display.

    At christmas, their friends were staying for a few days, & they bought along these items for me - they had belonged to the ladys late father, who had served during WWII & she had been looking for a home for them for some time.

    The first I knew of them was when my wife handed them to me on christmas day, I've never even met the people who have given them to me.

    I know little about these daggers or the EKII, I'd estimate their value at between ?200 - ?400 per dagger (although a quick check of websites shows prices for daggers with these manufacturers marks at up to ?600 - ?700) & the EKII at about ?30 - ?40, although manufacturers marks may dictate different?

    Can anybody help me out with a valuation please as I can't just accept these items without offering something in return even though, no doubt full payment in cash or kind to their actual monetary value would be declined.

    (I'm posting a link to this thread in the valuations forum).

    The blades are in perfect condition or as near as, I now need to find two pairs of hangers of sufficient qualty to do the daggers justice.

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