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    A difficult call Falk.

    My badge is thin an flimsy, and appears to have the same maker mark and "pinch" where the pin goes under the pin plate.

    however mine has the grime of ages so its difficult to see. Mine has obviously been left upside down somewhere where the atmosphere has done its worst.

    Attached are the best pics my rubbish scanner will give.


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    @ wood

    i am shure , if you clean your badge with a teethbrush , you will have the same design at the rear as all the badges here were shown . i owned a badge in nearly the same condition , also with broken needle und much mud on the back.

    here is another one in standaard design for only 495$


    at my first posting i wrote " i think original "

    i should have written " it s the same style , which was told me original "

    a short time ago a member of a german forum bougt 4 tinnies , two or three were surely fakes , and also the well known ss badge . here is the link for it


    in this thread i ask the same questions like here :

    who has any information of the maker " Carl Peter Schmalkalden " ?

    is his name listet everywere ?

    why has the tinnie either a date not a year ?

    in which years were "sportschiesswettbewerbe " in schmalkalden done ?

    has anyone found a badge under save conditions like

    an estate of an old ss man

    digging out of the earth

    found in an old house , or somewhere where you must not pay for it ?

    when it is a fake , who is the maker of the fake ?

    here is a fake maker


    but he hasnt this badge not in his program.

    a lot of questions , i hope someone can give some or only one answer, and my broken english is so good that anyone understand.


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    Hi Falk,

    I will not clean my badge. As It is it shows its age and originality. It is the same maker. This is probably the most common SS tnnie.

    I believe that some badges are being made on the original dies.

    Remembere that there are over 12,500 + of such badges then there are medallions and enamels.

    So the chance to restrike them, once you have found the original dies is possible.

    No need to make new dies.

    Tinnies have become a minefield like other badges.

    Buyer beware.

    If in doubt, do not buy.

    What more can I say.



    Hallo Falk,

    Ich s?ubere nicht mein Abzeichen. W?hrend es ist, zeigt es sein Alter und Originalit?t. Es ist der gleiche Hersteller. Dieses ist vermutlich das allgemeinste SS tnnie.

    Ich glaube, dass einige Abzeichen auf den urspr?nglichen W?rfeln gebildet.

    Remembere, dass es ?ber 12.500 + solcher Abzeichen dann gibt, dort sind Medaillons und Emaille.

    So ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit zum restrike sie, sobald du die urspr?nglichen W?rfel gefunden, m?glich.

    Keine Notwendigkeit, neue W?rfel zu bilden.

    Tinnies geworden ein Minenfeld wie andere Abzeichen.

    Kunde aufpassen en.

    Wenn im Zweifel, nicht kaufen.

    Was ich mehr sagen kann.



    Ich benutze einen on-line-?bersetzer, also ist mein Deutsch nicht sehr gut.

    Edited by wood
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    @ wood thank you for your translation , but i am still hope to refreshing my english in this forum .

    in this time im not shure if there were really original dies produced .

    in the tieste catalouge it is listet with unknown year.

    schmalkalden were first us and later russian zone , it was dangerous to have such items at home . russians want no swastikas as souvenirs. schmalkalden is not wide away from my home , but i cant get any information at the town house . what the americans didnt carry away , was destroyed before the russians came .

    no one here or in the german forum could answered some of my special questions.

    in this time i think that all badges on tis side were shown , were produced on the same dies at the same time . bevore 1945 or after 45 this is the question . all were made of very thin brass , the silver goes easyly away . it should be interesting , to hold woods and one of the other badges in one hand .

    we know more about the moon than about the "sportschiesswettbewerb der 57 . ss standarte schmalkalden th?ringen "and the stamped manufactere "carl peter schmalkalden "

    if you want to see a 100 % copy please look here


    posting nr 17 , there ia a picture of an polish standart copy , even with the typical ges. gesch. at the backside.



    Edited by Falk
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