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Unmarked Spanish cross


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Manufacturers didn't mark their pieces.

This variant is unmarked, but it could be made by the firm "Peltz & Lorenz (according to article writen by Harald Geissler few years ago in IMM).

This variant is absolutly typical with the uncut eagles swastica, its system of attachment ,hinge in "H" form, small pin and square section hook.

Moreover the eagle's form is typicam too, thus the swords grip.

This manufacturer produced that cross in bronze, silver and gold, with and without swords (two differents dies).

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Here's mine Jacques, I don't you had this in hand at Stuttgart did you......you'd gone by the time I bought this one I think ?

Weitze had a silver one exactly the same as this one (a month or two ago I may still have the pic), and Frank has a bronze which you've seen too, that one was issued to a Naval guy and he has the other awards too, a very nice looking one that !!!!

This one is different to the reverse of your example as you say, two different types as such. These spanish Crosses have caused the odd deabate and deliberation, some say, that the eagles are to close to the sword hilts and others the quality of the pin is not acceptable, even the swastika size.

All fair comment I guess, but unfounded in premise of any relateable sense in the fake and genuine argument in my novice prognosis.

It's apples and oranges comparing a Juncker and S&L to this paticular cross in my opinion, when arguing qaulity. One point though is that has been mentioned, is the solder on these is of of a more careful application and by all means more tidy than say the two makers as an example above.

Here's mine of this type.

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these crosses are genuine . Until Frank get his cross from private and translated me correctly the text writen by Geissler I though they were fake. But now I own two. the crosses are massives, and collectors showed the same attachment on other medal (EK1, DRL badges, etc..).

The metal is not tombac or silver but a poor metal which tend to yellowish when the silver wash goes away or the cross cleaned. Not the same quality as Meybauer, Juncker or Steinhauer but quite interesting nevertheless.


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