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    Are these medics/doctors civil workers, or military? Also, was there some formal law protecting medics from being targeted and killed as there was in later years, or was it simply a courtesy recognized by both sides? I am wondering if these civillian doctors wore the red cross armband as a means of identifying them as non-combatants, thus offering some measure of protection.

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    Most of the soldiers appear to be Bavarians, so I would guess that this is a Catholic run hospital and these men in black are wearing outfits related to the organization/order. The neutrality armbands serve no great purpose at these homeland hospitals other than to be an outward sign that the person has a medical connnection and is contributing to the war effort. Normally, these civilian medical workers were never anywhere near the front. The army medical personnel took care of all the first aid, removal from the battlefield and the first surgical field hospitals. Once a wounded soldier was stabilized, he was either retained somewhere behind the front for recuperation or sent back to Germany. These non-military types would take it from there, manning the Etappen routes back home and the homeland medical facilities.

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    Hallo Sivart. :cheers:

    Its very possible that this picture is taken either back in Germany

    or very far behind the front lines, judging by the dress of some of the patients.

    As stated by Chip the armbands could be an indication of working for the Red Cross,

    or some other relevant Medical body, religious or civil.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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