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    The guy paid about twice what an S&L copy typically goes for these days. The case is different from the ones the S&L's came in, and nothing at all like the original wartime cases. Maybe someone should invite him to a site where he can learn something and how to avoid getting boned.

    Then there's this seller, pushing another S&L copy but with oakleaves and a three band ribbon for the not so palty figure of US$36,500 !


    The story about the first owner (a Russian it would seem?) being arrested in 1954, and then being acquired by the "second" known owner is good for a chuckle or two. The attribution to a Russian Grand Duke in the 1877's is "cute" although the cross is miles away from being correct for the time period it is attribute to by the seller (and current owner).

    In the immortal words of the great Stogie (warm up the orchestra here)....."when will they ever learn, when will they ever learn...."


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    Guest Rick Research

    Preposterous fairy tales always appeal to the sort of dullard who imagines he is Smarter Than Everybody Else... the same folk for whom no amount of reality EVER sinks in. :speechless:

    Hopeless cases, who will die happy with bank vaults stuffed full of trash. :beer:

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    I am not an e-Bay participant; but in checking this out, I cannot seem to get the page/picture to come up. It sounds, though, that this item may be the same one which was exposed on the thread ?Check out this PLM? a few days ago.

    Is this so, or are there two similar frauds going on at once (?) by the same or more than one "sellers"?

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    Your links are not working. :(


    I see that, and the problem doesn't seem to be easily fixed. Here's the ebay numbers which can be cut and pasted to the search line, and that should bring the two iems up.

    The first item is item ebay number 200218466834 and the seller is starrfu. This auction is already over.

    The second is item number 230248946192 and the seller is joannem2816 and the auction is still current. This is the same one on the post referred to a few days ago. I didn't realize the thread was there...."my bad."


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