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    Some marine Luftschiffer badges all by Juncker. Beware ! There are some very,very good fakes of this very badge ,spun cast and almost perfect in every detail ,just the wrong feel about them. These badges (genuine ones) should be die-struck and shear-cut they vary in finish and fitments but are the exact same size ,although there is some cut-out/registration variation to the outer profile but this does not affect the overall size.There is also some ' shadowing' noted on the lower wreath in varying degrees due to slight platten slip in the striking process. Note the different styles of pins on two of them. The vaulted badge is maker marked on the reverse top wreath not the centre zep body......reason ? There was once an engraving where the MM usually is but this has been erased and re-finished. The one with pierced crown arches has had the tail section ground away ,I don't know why but it also sports a solid silver pin.Third badge has good amounts of frosting remaining and sparkles. The finishes are elaborate too,this one is base metal Bronze/Brass with a copper flash plate then silver plate then frosting then rodium highlights then top coating of protective lacquer !! The earlier examples of these show a definate pattern in manufacture, most early pieces have a block hinge (later ones have the hinge soldered directly onto the badge) also the silver plating is noticably thinner than the later ones. Early pieces appear to have the open areas sawn out and chased with a fine file while later ones are just sawn out. Details,details !




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