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Hello everyone

I just thought I would show this.A file copy of a KIA document to StObStrm Johannes Wichmann from U53 and then U51.This file lays out all the pension that his wife and family are going to get and give a lot of info on the man himself...

Best Regards Richard[attachmentid=12905]

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This piqued my interest because I wondered about only 3 months going by and giving up all hope. I'm not sure, but I'd have expected a delay of at least that as normal so as not to give the enemy "real time" information on submarine losses.

U-51 was torpedoed by HM Submarine "Cachalot" in the Bay of Biscay 20 August 1940, causing loss of all 43 of the German crew. Patrols must have found wreckage, or perhaps there were witnesses to the submarine's loss.

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Here are two more letters both for men serving with the 7th u-flott

The first one is another file copy to Heinrich Simon killed on U227

The second one is the one that was sent home to the family

this is to Hubert Peters killed on U381.Note that every last word is

the same except the name of the sailor showing that they had a

standard letter ...

Best Regards Richard

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