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  1. Hello Everyone I have a soldbuch to a u-boat man.The only trouble is that there are no feldpost numbers for his u-boat only numbers for his u-flott.The number I have is M25522 which is the second u-flott.So I have scanned 2 signatures from the book maybe someone can help.The first is I think Heinrich Liebe commander of U38 and the second is Gunther Dangschat who was Liebe's WO on U38.Dangschat's signature seems to be in the sutterlin style.What do you lot think.... Richard
  2. Hello Everyone Here is my latest purchase from Thomas.Simon may be interested in the last award listed.This man served on U737 with Paul Brasack.Then he seems to have served on land with 13th U-flott as I can't seem to find any reference to another U-boat after late 1944. Richard.
  3. Hello Everyone I am showing two different items to the same boat U427.The first item comes from a long serving u-boat man of 25 years old with 3 years of active service.The second item is a doc from a 20 year old.As you can see the first guy is a well decorated u-boat man and the second guy is just starting out in his u-boat career when the war ends.By all accounts the last patrol of U427 was not nice and they were very lucky to get back to port.The u-boat doc is one of the latest I have seen (7/5/1945). Regards Richard.
  4. Hello everyone I thought I would show this EK2 doc to a man from U29,after the sinking of Courageous the whole crew of U29 was awarded the EK2 on mass.This was the first award of the EK2 to anyone from the u-boat arm.The award doc is hand signed by Donitz.I also have the mans EK1 doc,framed pic of U29 with a dedication on the back signed by Schuhart and an doc for crossing the Aquator in U124... Richard
  5. Hello Thanks to Gordon,I should really have know that feldpost number! I have found out a little more about Gren rgt 1062,it was part of the 84th inf div and it was active around Kleve and Wesel during febuary and march 1945 (about 20 km from Nijmegen ).. Richard.
  6. Hello Everyone I have been away a while and now I am back with a few things to show.I have a late war soldbuch to a young man who joined the navy in August 1944.In early 1945 he was in the 19th u-flott and I also have him in the 9./2.U.L.D in early 1945.He was then drafted into the 4.(M.6)/Res.Gren.Batl.209 on the 31.1.1945 then the 8/Gr.Rgt.1062.If anyone can give me any info on the gren regiments that would be great.I also have a feldpost number that I do not know it is M 10643 I have it listed as the number for U225 as this was sunk in 1943 and the feldpost number is dated 30.1.1945 it mus
  7. Hello everyone Was the edelweiss used by lots of naval german units as well as the u-boat service?? regards Richard..
  8. Hello everyone Can anyone help? I am trying to find out if the feldpost number M01643 for U225 that sunk in 1943 was ever re-used in January 1945 for another U-boat. Best regards Richard.
  9. Hello Everyone I have this nice picture of U116 and its emblem on the conning tower.I am sure there are lots of you with nice conning tower emblem pictures lets see a few.. Best regards Richard..
  10. Hello Everyone Can anyone give me an idea of a good price to pay for this sidecap??? Or what kind of value would you boys put on it?? Best Regards Richard..
  11. Hello Everyone I have been offered a set of docs.In the set is an early EK2 doc hand signed by Donitz (not rubber stamped) and an aquator crossing doc signed by Wilhelm Schulz (U124).I need a little help with the value,the more common docs are a little easier to value.. Thanks Richard..
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