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No-- a junior army enlisted man. Sometimes the backing color helps, sometimes it doesn't.

Navy personnel wore decorations in Reichs precedence-- which was the same as Prussian regulations.

Thanks! These are data valuable to me! :cheers:

Two bronze medals it is normal?

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Saxons and Bavarians carried awards of the states the first.

ЕК2 For them was the foreign award.

I understand that but then why des the lowest/foreign award get to display tyhe most ribbon?

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It means for wear with civilian clothes. But then the FA medals would be out of order...... Ok, somebody please explain to me how the saxon's did their ribbons because I am getting confused.

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Nope. Last ribbon "on top" just means the outfitter was a dyslexic learner. :cheeky:

Remember: on a Frackspange for civilian wear, the ribbons are usually ANGLED not up and down, and the pin should be (unless it was a dyslexic learner :cheeky: ) with the pin catch opening DOWN. Opening UP, it would fall off if bumped! :speechless1:

Catch = down or out direction.

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Here is a PERFECT Frackspange-- ribbons properly angled-- same blue backing BTW (probably to match the wearer's civilian suit)



the beginner outfitter used a normal style medal bar backing with the open catch UP, so if anything snagged on that bar-- it would have fallen straight off! :banger:

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