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    By V.E.Bowen. 336 pages of info on the EK series of awards. Once considered the bible for EK collectors this book is still relevant today and is chocked full of information. Shipping at cost.


  2. Nice. I'm always amazed at what still turns up after 100 years.
  3. Plus quite a few crosses were awarded after the war as well.
  4. I'm sure some of the "men" would be detailed to police the area afterwards.
  5. Here is a little grouping I found last week while travelling in Ohio.
  6. Sounds like a burglary on command. Very specific items taken that are too well known to sell publicly.
  7. Also, depending on the time frame of the ribbon bars construction, the order may change. The Purple Heart was moved up in precedence back in the early 80s if memory serves me correctly. It used to be the last medal before campaign ribbons.
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