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  1. Sounds like a burglary on command. Very specific items taken that are too well known to sell publicly.
  2. Also, depending on the time frame of the ribbon bars construction, the order may change. The Purple Heart was moved up in precedence back in the early 80s if memory serves me correctly. It used to be the last medal before campaign ribbons.
  3. Nice. No book for the employment of the Machine gun Sharpshooter Detachment?
  4. Neat. From Flamethrower in WW1 to truck driver in WW2. The other truck drivers must have thought of him as a god.
  5. dond

    Medaille militaire

    Thanks again.
  6. dond

    Medaille militaire

    Thanks Paul. Other than the law of averages, being that more were probably awarded during WW1 than at any other time, how can you tell?
  7. dond

    Medaille militaire

    Now I did it. I stuck my toe into French medals. I saw this sitting in a case of costume jewelry marked "French Broach." I felt sorry that it was in such poor company and brought it home. I will say I got it very cheaply. My question is,"How can you tell what period it is from?"
  8. Could this ribbon not be the ribbon for the Jubilaumsmedaille an das 10 I.R. Konig, 1932?
  9. dond

    Porcelain pipes

    I found these two pipes. They look more German than French to me.
  10. How is it attributed to Godet? Which Godet, J. Godet or Gebr. Godet?
  11. Thanks for the replies. This is the only photo I have and the buttons are out of focus as it the belt buckle.
  12. I saw this tucked away in an antique store. Appears to be wearing a buttonhole ribbon for the Bavarian Bravery medal.
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