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  1. Thanks Paul. Its a nifty little piece of kit. I guess with my next stimulus check I'll have to hunt down a sovereign and a half sovereign to put in it. It seems they had a gadget for everything back in the day.
  2. I got this coin holder with some other non-related items. I'm wondering what coins would have gone in it? The slots are 25mm and 26mm respectively.
  3. The length of time a soldier was at the front during WW1 gave him more exposure to danger and a greater chance to earn an EK. After all, the EK series was a gallantry award for the lower enlisted. Officers could get them for other reasons but your average Joe (think Chris B ;)) could only get one for doing something momentarily brave and observed.
  4. Nice to see a bit of history brought back from oblivion.
  5. Are you saying you cannot be gay and happy? I'm sure Chris would beg to differ.....😇
  6. The first link is to someone who is making them. The second in not an original.
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