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  1. Correct. That coin was made for those serving in A-stan.
  2. dond

    blank TWM

    I think you have to separate Turkish made and awarded pieces from the European made/awarded pieces. Your average Turkish soldier undoubtedly got a painted, Turkish made star. The European troops which received the award probably obtained one from European sources, ie BB&Co, perhaps commissioned by the Turks for issue to foreign troops.
  3. Let's see the whole cross in the original post. Perhaps then a maker can be determined.
  4. It is a sad day for the Imperial collecting community. Chip was always ready to help a fellow collector. He will be missed.
  5. An excellent grouping that any collector would be proud to own.
  6. Very nice. Now you will have to part with some German stuff so you have room to display this properly.
  7. It used to be that you could warn bidders but ebay shielded the fake sellers by hiding bidder identity from others.
  8. That is a poorly cast replica.
  9. I picked this up the other day because I liked the look and feel of it and it wasn't expensive at all. The hardware is old style, it is made of silver, and it is marked "Made in Palestine." Now I'm trying to put a date on it and whom might have worn such an item. Any help is appreciated.
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