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  1. I doubt the originality of this bar. The construction and combination reminds me of the Austrian Faker.
  2. Correct, Made by John Gilbert of Birmingham in 1900. The other name engraved inside the lid was the former collector. Evidently he did all his stuff like that.....
  3. I believe this pin is of the Shah and his wife. I would like to know what it commemorates if someone can translate it please. Thanks in advance.
  4. Thanks Paul. Its a nifty little piece of kit. I guess with my next stimulus check I'll have to hunt down a sovereign and a half sovereign to put in it. It seems they had a gadget for everything back in the day.
  5. I got this coin holder with some other non-related items. I'm wondering what coins would have gone in it? The slots are 25mm and 26mm respectively.
  6. The length of time a soldier was at the front during WW1 gave him more exposure to danger and a greater chance to earn an EK. After all, the EK series was a gallantry award for the lower enlisted. Officers could get them for other reasons but your average Joe (think Chris B ;)) could only get one for doing something momentarily brave and observed.
  7. Nice to see a bit of history brought back from oblivion.
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