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Fuze setter head training

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I picked this up the other day as part of my fuze/fuze related items collection.

It's a modern British fuze setter used for training.

Does anyone know what the setter actually plugged into to get it to work,I'm guessing some sort of computer,anyone know for definate please?

Also if anyone has any info on this item at all I'd be extremely grateful,I've googled the NSN number and can find a supplier/manufacturer,but no info!!

Kind regards,


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Hi Andy,

Seems it would be connected to the Fire control computer, see below:

The fuze is set using the electronic fuze setter. This consists of a fuze setter head and a fuze setter logic unit. The units can be connected by a straight cable of any length up to 30 m. The setter head is placed over the Series 132 fuze, and the time is set in less than 2 seconds. The logic unit can be used to support up to two setter heads and features auto or manual selection of fuze/function and arming times, independent fuze setting and checking, an interface with a fire-control computer, displays which include error codes and battery-low indication, and self-test and self-calibration.

Regards Eddie

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