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  1. Glad to be able to help, how is the model getting along? Regards Eddie
  2. Splash board details for you. Regards Eddie
  3. It is a splash board to stop the driver getting sprayed with water and mud when driving with the hatch open. Can be wood or metal but almost always made of wood from images that i have seen. About markings. I think the only official ones are the eagle and number plus the Polish red and white chequered diamond (see photo below) . On the web the named ones are mostly tv series or film tanks. The cupola is a strange one in so far as i have seen T34-76 cupolas with two small hatches that open outwards as did some of the T34 -85 D-5T variations. I imagine the inner cupola ring can be turned to face however you want it to, the photo shows an offset Polish T34-85M2 inner cupola ring just as an example. Regards Eddie
  4. Here are your pics. Regards Eddie
  5. Looking at the gun mantlet in the photo would suggest that by its design this tank would be using the 85mm ZiS-S-53 main Gun. The second photo shows the D-5T type. Regards Eddie
  6. Here is the splash board, mud guards, wheel and track type (waffle design) on a GDR T34/85. These details are exactly the same as on the the Polish version you have shown. Under licence, production was restarted in Poland between 1951 to 1955. 1,380 T-34-85s were made. Your Photo is either a late war Soviet version or the Polish T-34/85-M1. Ill try and find some more info for you. Regards Eddie
  7. The Polish versions would be T-34/85-M1 or M2, the later having a deep-wading capability. Regards Eddie
  8. You most likely know this site already but if not maybe it can help you further with identification. Regards Eddie www.101airborneww2.com/eaglepatchcorner.html
  9. The minatures are attached to ribbon bars so not similar to the Polish examples. So it seems it was never worn in your Major Generals case Regards Eddie
  10. 1) Brotherhood in Arms Medal - gold grade (First Class), Fegyverbarátságért Érdemérem arany fokozata, ezüst and eronz fokozata would be the 2nd and Third classes, Silver and Bronze grades respectively. Numbers 54, 58 and 62 in the Hungarian order of precedence 2) Just a miniature i think, here you can see the two pins on the back for attachment. Hope that is a little help, Regards Eddie
  11. I think it is the Commander's Cross of the Military Order of Savoy. Regards Eddie
  12. Challenger II Mk II '' Black Knight'' https://youtu.be/tK2y2dt8v38 https://youtu.be/XgniFv1b9RI
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