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  1. Spanish Medal for the 50th Anniversary of the International Brigades ( 1936-1986 ) and an International Brigade Commemorative Medal. Regards Eddie
  2. Steve, He was stationed at SFS Angernsee in Latvia (Lake Engure) when he got his first kill if that helps at all. Then later in action over Belgium it seems by the town names. Baltic Sea Fleet naval pilot Starshiy Leitenant Arseniy Mikhailovich Gorkovenko and his mechanic Unterofitser D. Fai on M-9 nr.8 were shot down by two German Fokker E-types of the south coast of the Bay of Riga. it was during an attack by three M-9s on Seeflugstation Angern. the crew drowned. they were with "E" (Eh) Detachement of the 2nd Air Battalion (C/o The Aerodrome Forum) Regards Eddie
  3. Not really much more info but with credit to the Great War Forum/Sepoy the following comment on this medal. Indian Recruiting Badge, 1914 - 1918 This scarce badge, which was worn around the neck, was awarded to those who assisted in the recruitment for the Indian Army. Some of the awards made to Military personnel were listed in Indian Army Orders, making note of the badge number. So i imagine it is possible to trace the recipient in some cases. Also the pics supplied with the post showing the ribbon, he also states that this particular one could not be traced. Regards Eddie
  4. Chechen Republic of Ichkeria Order of Schamil or its correct name Orden "Siylalliy Biaho"/Орден "Сийлале Бяхо" which translates to Order "Defender Of Honour". Regards Eddie
  5. Thats the one 😃 Order of Schamil, was to be issued by the Chechenian Republic of Ichkeria in 2 classes. Below is the 1st class version http://soviet-awards.com/forum/showthread.php?t=3198 Regards Eddie
  6. Hi there, I'm quite sure that this belongs to one of the former Soviet Bloc countries (or at least was mentioned on the soviet awards forum) but i can't remember which one it was. We are talking about ten years ago now, comes in 1st and 2nd class. Maybe that is a start for you. Regards Eddie
  7. Your welcome, Here is a rather poor pic with ribbon, apparently awarded by the Civil Protection service between 1816-1913. As for naming some are named with a date on the reverse. Regards Eddie
  8. It is a French Lifesaving medal , Médaille des sauveteurs de la Sarthe Fais ton devoir. Sarthe is a French region and river, so i imagine for that area only. Regards Eddie
  9. Getragen wurde das Großkreuz ebenso wie das Komturkreuz um den Hals, allerdings zusätzlich mit einem silbernen Steckkreuz. The star of the order, awarded with the Grand Cross only, was a gold-rimmed silver eight-pointed star featuring the ringed medallion of the obverse of the cross. Is that a possibility? Regards Eddie
  10. Inschrift Bene merentibus (Denen, die sich wohl verdient gemacht haben) und ab 1818 Furchtlos und trew Regards Eddie
  11. Hi Alex, Does this help at all? Verleihungszahlen 1806/15 Ordensklasse Gesamt Großkreuz 20 Komtur 68 Ritterkreuz 620 1818/57 Ordensklasse Gesamt Großkreuz 5 Komtur 25 Ritterkreuz 30 1870/89 Ordensklasse Gesamt Großkreuz 34 Komtur 65 Ritterkreuz 173 1892/1914 Ordensklasse Gesamt Großkreuz 13 Komtur 27 Ritterkreuz 55 Erster Weltkrieg 1914/18 Ordensklasse Württemberger Ausländer Gesamt Großkreuz 2 14 18 Komtur 11 8 19 Ritterkreuz 2.170 119 2.289
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