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Polish Monte Cassino Set

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Hi Eric,

Nice medal and badge. Technically not a set per se as the # on the back of the cross is attributed to a block that was given to the signals and not the 5 KDP. That being said there have been cases where an individual would have earned his Monte Cassino cross with another division and then transferred to earn the other divisional badge. Not unheard of.

The 5 KDP badge is not uncommon to find but it is a little scarcer to find it in .800 silver. A common misconception of the .800 badges is that they were awarded to officers. That is incorrect as I have personally owned groupings where the gentleman had a rank no higher than that of a Sgt. and he still got the .800 silver badge. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason as to why some got the silver version and others rec'd the alpacca or tombak versions.

Thanks for showing.



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