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  1. "Herbert, I insist that you inform them that they must move IMMEDIATELY. That is OUR picnic spot" oder...den Feind im Ruecken haben...
  2. i have two of these cases, one with light blue interior and one with purple interior. both have "super-deluxe" high quality crosses in them. i will post images this weekend
  3. the fixing system is totally believable, it is found on all kinds of badges from that era (and earlier) what is the size?
  4. i don't believe the pin represents a particular freikorps unit per se, rather this is the 2nd type (1933-35) stickpin for an organization representing ex-freikorps fighters and veterans of the post-ww1 baltic conflicts, that went through several name changes and reorganizing between 1921-36
  5. field-repaired examples are fairly common, and are an area of collecting focus in itself. also of interest are 2nd class crosses that have been "upgraded" to 1st class by adding a fastening system to the reverse, as well as crosses that have been converted into jewelry, such as broaches in my opinion, any cross from any of the above categories should be considered a unique and singular item and should not be altered. your cross seems to have suffered an unfortunate accident--its hard to determine if the pin was intentionally broken off. i doubt it if the pin looked like it was i
  6. very original and hard to find with the disc intact. the retailer's stamp on both components is an added bonus. the blued core needs some maintenance. highly desirable cross!
  7. other than the snapped pin, the rest of the cross appears to be in fine shape. i would leave it, and if the stars align correctly for you perhaps you will eventually find another square punch example in absolutely deplorable/relic condition for cheap that has an intact pin; then very patiently and very carefully swap it out as you mentioned, purists would of course immediately decry the alteration of this artifact because you would be forever changing the story of the piece. it depends on your motives, i guess. a replaced (correct) pin would increase the value should you decide to ever pa
  8. first question is: what type of damage? if it's a rusty core, the application of a drop of odorless lucas gun oil would help to prevent further spreading if the issue is a missing/damaged piece of reverse hardware such as pin or catch, i'd leave it as is--sometimes the catches were cut off intentionally so that they couldn't be worn again. kinda like the sword blade that was snapped in half intentionally
  9. very interesting-- i'm looking forward to learning more! i meant that it was likely that an entrepreneur such as fred harvey would have hired mexicans to organize and oversee the tourist jewelry aspect of his operation, since they had so much experience working with silver, or as you mentioned, had the pieces made in mexico and exported to the US. hence the stamps i have a few pre-ww2 pieces with the swastica incorporated into an indian theme, but i don't think they are silver nor were made by native americans. i think they were good luck charms. i'll post them once i've dug them up
  10. 925 silver is sterling silver-which is the minimum standard for mexican silver. mexicans have been mining silver since pre-columbian times, and it wouldn't surprise me one bit if the workshop where this was made was staffed by people of mexican descent
  11. any faint markings on the spinner, such as 'victoria drgm'? sometimes a magnifying glass is needed and sometimes only a few letters can be discernable it looks like a long time ago someone cleaned the heck out of it, touched up the core, and gave it a coating of some type of protective lacquer that has since yellowed do the frames show signs of separation and having been neatly resoldered? strong chance of that happening when the spikes were applied i like it!
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