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  1. here's one that is often attributed to the berlin retailer friedrich sedlatzek, as they can be found with that firm's hallmark, and were available in both 800 silver and plated versions. this unmarked exa mple is magnetic with a copper wash, which was then silver plated. two vent holes
  2. i do believe this example of a very rare cross has an extremely good chance of being authentic. the pre-ww1 versions have a crudely made appearance--especially the pinbacks. the gilding and base metal look correct for this cross--it's a rich subdued shade of yellow on a nice chocolate bronze (probably from captured cannons, etc etc) it's hard to replicate that old bronze, imo also, you can adjust your setting on your internet browser to automatically translate foreign languages--(my setting prompts me first). it's extremely helpful!
  3. that's why he's sporting this seldom-seen badge, which was a late-war creation. not very many were issued https://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/german-empire/bavaria/661-golden-wedding-of-royal-couple-commemorative-badge.html
  4. what's he wearing above the twm? one of those bavarian golden wedding badges in bronze, or is it some type of bulgarian award? also, is the last medal on his bar a spanish award? as you say, quite the impressive array
  5. correct maker and excellent choice of wound badge, these are neat! if i may, i'd like to suggest that a little strategic touch up with renaissance wax could be very helpful in controlling the rust. works great on iron crosses, too--a little goes a long way
  6. the condition of the frames (with minute traces of tarnish remaining) indicates that it has probably been cleaned at some point. the core shows virtually no wear at all as it has all of the finish intact. a very well taken care of cross that was most likely never worn very nice specimen!👍
  7. there were also specific collar badges for motorcyclists (kradfahrer) which are even harder to find nice badges straps and photos. great thread!
  8. for what it's worth, i don't think the problem is solely relegated to the UK or to national post offices. i'm still waiting for something from kuenker that was sent to the US on december 10th via DHL. it hasn't even made it to the US yet! ....investigation was recently begun, which takes 3 or 4 weeks....😟
  9. you have to click on the arrow or on 'Interesting '14 EK1'
  10. thanks, chuck here's a link to some more crown and moon marked crosses. this time the hallmarks are incused i have not yet identified the maker
  11. here's an UNUSED golden nail... this thing has gotta be rare-- the gold grades went for a lot of money back in the day; the ones used on the very famous 'der eiserner hindenburg' in berlin, went for today's equivalent of $500 USD really well made
  12. struggling to get a clear image, i am reluctant to clean the pin, but ultimately that might be my only option-- there is a full word in there, to me it looks like " f. richter, 1. F(or R)????e?."
  13. it could be, but in my experience these hand-etched markings done by the owner with whatever sharp object is handy usually denote the unit or the date that the cross was earned. i probably missed the rest i'll mess with it some more in hopes of finding and capturing an image of the minute chicken scratches when i get a chance. i have to find a loupe first, as my eyes no longer work so well on macro mode, lol
  14. hi, here's something that i haven't looked at for many years; i may not have even posted it on this forum. if you were to see this at a show or displayed in a store it would be very easy to overlook the most important features of this particular cross: it's in one of those cloth tape, buttonless styles of case you know, the type with the blue velvet raised dais-- take it out, inspect the godet style core, looks like a nicely worn example flip it over, and yup! godet but then as you a
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