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  1. I guess what I'm really getting at is the current trend towards attacking other members is extremely ungentlemanly--especially when not really warranted. treat others the way you would like to be treated. rich, you have done the same thing by posting many wonderful items that you were very fortunate to acquire in unconventional ways and i applaud you for that. it would be remiss to point out that after you got opinions on items, you proceeded to sell many of them. and then there are self-anointed "expert" members that never post/share their own items but have strong opinions on lots
  2. Looks like a huge apology is in order, John. This is not the first time this has happened in the last few months. Apparently it takes one bag egg to get everyone all stirred up. If I were you I would file a complaint with Nick.
  3. hiya, don thanks very much for the confirmation---just wanted to make extra sure, as the ribbon bits will probably end up costing more than the medals, lol thanks again!
  4. make sure she shows you how to do it, as something tells me that this won't be the last time that someone requests an enlarged view of medals/badges, as you have a knack for acquiring and posting some very interesting photos!
  5. i don't know much about the details of this organization, but from the looks of the badge and what's written on it, i'm pretty sure they were somewhat of an "official issue"-- i'm sure more will be elaborated by our resident austro-hungarian experts. i was very excited to see your latest picture so i took a quick picture of the badge in question so that you can get a better view of it--it's a large badge thank you for sharing this wonderful picture! p.s. can you enlarge and post an image of his left breast in order to make it easier to identify the rest of the medals?
  6. the photograph is fantastic---here is the badge on his right breast--it's an imperial austrian veteran's badge-- this badge has been described as a cap badge but this foto begs to differ; most excellent! the rest of the medals on his left breast are also austrian. experts will identify them, hopefully
  7. hi again,uwe! i've been meaning to write more--have you noticed that your photo depicts an "upgraded" 1st class to komturkreuz, while my example used in this thread happens to be an "upgraded" 2nd class to 1st class (swords) it's a curious coincidence--perhaps everyone got an upgrade at some point but unfortunately due to unforseen circumstances, the organization ceased to function?
  8. there appears to be a state equivalent ribbon under the ek2 ribbon. the cross in question appears to be dark in finish and looks like it has a crown on the upper arm. below that there seems to be a defect on picture--could be glare from a flash on paint or enamel-- since there appears to be a wreath between the arms of the cross, it could even be an oldenburg fa1
  9. hi, i know pretty much nothing about intrinsic details concerning ww2 iron cross makers--- was klein the parent company to a later merger with quenzer? is there a documented history of the two businesses/families etc etc?
  10. chuck, if you are patient i believe you can still get a nice knauer example at a good price. in my opinion, for some reason these oldenburg ek equivalents don't seem to generate as much interest as other state equivalents, and there are a fair amount that pop up (up to 12,000 were awarded)
  11. yep, it's a kind of generic fastener used by several makers well into the midwar era and beyond, but still nice! here's one with the proprietary type used by meybauer
  12. looks good to me, obverse grime/ rust should clean up nicely if desired. i'd be happy with such a piece!
  13. once again the thuringer feuerwehr-verband medal gods have smiled upon me--this one cost $7 it's the 2. form (1925-34) for 33 years of service, it's unmarked for maker and is a 40mm piece of silver. since the ribbons for both forms are the same--can anyone dfinitely confirm that-- i'd like to eventually obtain two short lengths to place behind each one
  14. it's an extremely regrettable fact that konstantin's many wonderful tomes have not been translated nor made available in the west
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