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  1. i wonder if our major jordan had a dueling scar to complement his schlager sword memento... ....also, i wish i knew more about that 25-year veterans cross. i have several examples for different service levels (25/50), in different sizes, and in silver or gold finish, with red or green on the central disc. all made by "r. conrad, weimar"
  2. i agree, primarily a reseller. wow, quite a rare variant. congratulations, you are building quite a collection of these!
  3. looks good, any idea what the substance was? was it rust or was it oxidized old protective lacquer for silver finish?
  4. i don't think i've seen this variant before. what's that weird reddish/brown substance is on the front? i wonder if the central enameled disc is magnetic
  5. solomon, you may want to take another, closer, look at the cross charles has shown. there are signs of the planchet having been cast. i hope to be mistaken but it certainly appears to be the case... i liked the cross as a later private purchase piece until i noticed the above-mentioned red flag shown on the second and fifth pictures of the cross (the sides of the cross arms)
  6. Most likely a regimental "ehrennadel"...these were prevalent in the 30's for former members who retained an association with former comrades. many of these organizations helped out members during the tough times directly after the war. some of these ehrennadels are quite valuable in their own right
  7. i agree with chris, looks about right for an ersatz ek fom the mid-80s
  8. sascha, thank you for revisiting this thread. i pulled out the above-mentioned book by K.N. and ran the pertinent pages through google's translate app--whilst the translation proved to be rudimentary at best i found no actual mention of a specific maker (especially one from present day slovakia), but he does mention the eisenbahn zentralamt, etc etc. most of the text addresses technical aspects regarding the various types from this maker. and he thinks these crosses could be early issued crosses that were available well into the 1920s
  9. i did not realize that these medals came in such a wide array of sizes. very interesting!
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