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    1. the officer from the 5th regt not only has the ek2 and turkish star, he has an ek1!
    2. WOW! p.s. perhaps he received the awards for losing his left eye? too bad we can't see if he has a wound badge as well
    3. hi sascha, just curious--how is the fit of the hinge to the rear of the cross-- is the hinge fully soldered on, or is it attached in the same fashion as my example?
    4. let's not forget about how the pandemic has affected our hobby. thanks to the dreaded "spicy cough" there have been very few local flea markets, garage sales, and other similar venues. no more easy pickings for people who know what they are looking at Exactly, this is ultimately the greatest threat to our hobby, in my opinion
    5. "trust in god and keep your powder dry" --oliver cromwell, early 1800s "keep your eyes peeled" is what i say over here in the new world i don't know about you gentlemen, but personally, it's been extremely difficult to source decent iron crosses lately unless one is prepared to pay ridiculous prices, which i refuse to do! for me, part of the satisfaction of collecting comes from finding things that are "out in the wild" and not on a dealer website or on a dealer's table or store
    6. Bund Deutscher Krieger, and the A could be the town? If he customized his dkig or dkis there's a good chance that he did the same to his other badges, too
    7. i'mn not selling anything, i was referring to the very rare two incuse-marked crosses whose maker has yet to be determined
    8. especially the picture of my own crosses ?? ? v. Perlet-- nothing wrong with that clamshell
    9. years ago, the forum went through an upgrade, and unfortunately many of the attachments did not "upgrade" automatically. on some old threads the pictures have to be processed manually in order to be included in the latest version
    10. wow, that's something you don't see every day. i've always wondered how "permanent" that finish was-- if it came off naturally through time and wear, or did original owners have to dedicate some degree of effort to remove it because they didn't like the verdigris look
    11. yes, i recognized it. this is only the third example i've ever encountered of that type in any condition. the rarest! too bad it seems to lack the incused crown/moon/800 hallmark. thank you for the additional pictures!
    12. i was going to throw on a couple of werners to accompany graf's op cross, but during my search i found this one-piece, nonmagnetic ugly duckling: on this petz & lorenz, the rub marks on the reverse of the cross actually match up with the replacement cruciform backing plate
    13. All of the allied countries are listed on an oak tree--a huuuuge symbol of strength and endurance in teutonic culture the word weltdenk means that the world stops to reflect (on the war). that's why i hinted at a pacifist/antiwar organization, of which there were many during the 20s, early 30s in germany
    14. hiya, graf--any further images of this one? i like the field-repaired/adapted ones, as sometimes the materials used can tell a story.
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