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  1. hello kay, very nice to see you back on here any chance of starting a thread with that one? it could generate a bit of discussion with the klein und quenzer crowd, etc etc p.s. what happened to your wonderful EK web page???
  2. i think it has all of the characteristics of an original piece, but it is not necessarily an interwar piece, as this type of starburst, clamshell, or 'strahlenschraubsheibe' attachment disc was used during ww2 on all kinds of awards--for example it was used by Deumer, Alois Rettenmaier, and Schauerte & Hoehfeld on wound badges, submarine badges, infantry assault and general assault badges, 1939 and 1914 ek1s, and on 1939 ek1 repeat clasps (spangen).
  3. something which (in my view) is infinitely harder to find than the official zinc commemorative badge: an official PAPER commemorative day badge!!
  4. regarding medal #6 on the thurn bar--it is a romanian order of merit from the era of the quite controversial king carol the 2nd--probably very rare!
  5. andy, thank you for the correction! i thought 72 and 74 were both stationed at bergnicourt in 1918. in any case, impressive badge in a style that looks to me kind of french
  6. what a great looking badge! never seen one before...at 60mm too big for a kappenabzeichen, i'd think. both jastas were saxon and both were stationed in the ardennes in 1918. you can find basic info for both on wikipedia
  7. well, maybe not risky but certainly unfashionable in certain circles. civil servants, religious figures were probably tolerated. i don't think the liga were super far left, and if i were to look at the big picture--during the weimar era there were two sides of the fence in germany. one side: reichswehr, freikorps, stahlhelm, social democratic party of germany. on the other side: spartacists, communist party of germany, soviet republic of bavaria, free association of german trade unions, and various revolutionary commisioners. i doubt they lasted for very long once the whole NS machinery got going. i think there were approximately 20-25K members at the most. i found their entire history somewhere online years ago. it's out there somewhere! it's rare medal but doesn't really seem to reflect that in monetary value, maybe $125-$150 on a good day? the document is very rare. the one shown above was to a geheimer hofrat, which is interesting
  8. they weren't excluded from joining other veteran groups, they started their own. If I recall correctly, the organization had somewhat of a left-leaning, anti-war stance and may have been allied with the leftist section of the SPD party. the ribbon is correct---read the award document for this cross at the bottom of this link: fairly rare, obscure item, help needed! - Germany: Weimar Republic & Deutsche Freikorps - Gentleman's Military Interest Club (gmic.co.uk)
  9. Ehrenkreuz, die Liga der Nichtfrontkaempfer...it's a spangen/zweitstueck, as the "originals" had the organization name on the reverse
  10. Nice cross, but wow....$5780..... never in my dreams!
  11. here's one that is often attributed to the berlin retailer friedrich sedlatzek, as they can be found with that firm's hallmark, and were available in both 800 silver and plated versions. this unmarked exa mple is magnetic with a copper wash, which was then silver plated. two vent holes
  12. i do believe this example of a very rare cross has an extremely good chance of being authentic. the pre-ww1 versions have a crudely made appearance--especially the pinbacks. the gilding and base metal look correct for this cross--it's a rich subdued shade of yellow on a nice chocolate bronze (probably from captured cannons, etc etc) it's hard to replicate that old bronze, imo also, you can adjust your setting on your internet browser to automatically translate foreign languages--(my setting prompts me first). it's extremely helpful!
  13. that's why he's sporting this seldom-seen badge, which was a late-war creation. not very many were issued https://antique-photos.com/en/awardsdatabase/german-empire/bavaria/661-golden-wedding-of-royal-couple-commemorative-badge.html
  14. what's he wearing above the twm? one of those bavarian golden wedding badges in bronze, or is it some type of bulgarian award? also, is the last medal on his bar a spanish award? as you say, quite the impressive array
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