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A Post-1938 ?Sudetenlander's Ribbon Bar

Rick Research

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It's been three months :speechless1: and I was starting to shake, so the Evil Twin dropped by today with this 'fix" for me--



The first three ribbons are "stock" woven as one piece, as often appears with post 1938 Austro-Hungarian ribbon bars. What makes this one special is the TWO repeat bars on the second Bravery Medal ribbon, indicating THREE awards of the same class (probably a Bronze). Absence of ANY of the Hapsburg successor states' WW1 Commemorative Medals makes me suspect this fellow was a recently cancelled Czech, who had not been authorized (in that "Allied" nation) to receive former Central Powers awards. He was in some sort of uniform so quick, there is not even a Hindenburg Cross here, so the fact that the ribbons are silk and not wartime synthetics makes me think this was the result of a smart outfitter getting in quick on all those brand new Reichs subjects as a market, ahead of the Hindenburg processing.

This former enlisted man certainly had a tough WW1-- with three wounds. One wonders what his SECOND war was like-- and the aftermath of AGAIN changing nationalities for a third time...

all while living in the same place.

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