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Hello gents

May someone can give me a helping hand with that M.B.E. Mily.

- Is this the original ribbon?

- Has someone a confected old ribbon band with needle or an original needle to attach the ribbon band?

Thank you for your help - please send a pm if you have an old ribbon with needle.

KDVR :jumping:

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From all I have seen, the military awards, which were almost never worn alone, usually came without any upper fitting. Even few civil awards of that period did. The expected early remounting made the upper brooch fitting unnecessary. They could just as easily have discpensed with the ribbon (and I have seen some evidence that this was considered to save money). I 100% suspect this specimen never had any upper fitting. Why destroy history to make it fulfill our strange needs? Finding a period brooch would require ripping apart a period piece, as those pieces issued with it usually had the remelting of the brooch fitting factored into the cost when the remounting took place as a discount.

Again: NOTHING wants "fixing" on this MBE. (Not even as one might "fix" their dog!)

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Good to know that there WAS no top brooch fitting, Ed! :cheers: The only ones I've ever had in my paws have been solo CIVIL issues, which DID have a brooch pinback.

I learn something new (and useful) every day here!

There was at least the theoretical chance that an award of these first, very (too?) freely distributed MBEs would be worn alone for civil awards. Any military recipient would -- it was assumed -- have had somethimng for The Great War to mount with it (hard to avoid!).

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