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    Hello readers:

    Perhaps the following information is of some interest . It is based on the reference book " Der Koeniglich Saechsische Militaer St. Heinrich Orden 1736 - 1918 Ein Ehrenblatt der Saechsischen Armee" ( reprint 1964 of the original of 1937); and

    "Das Offizierkorps der Schutztruppe fuer Deutsch - Ostafrika im Weltkrieg 1914 - 1918" (The Officers Corps of the Schutztruppe for German East Africa in the World War 1914 - 1918).

    - Gen. Maj. Paul v. Lettow-Vorbeck Ritter des Mil.St.Heinrich Ordens , the order insignia handed on 30.Jan.1920;

    - K.S.Gen.Lt. z.D.Kurt Wahle, Ritter with date of 19.Jul.1917, Kommandeur 2.Kl. and the order insignia handed on 29.Oct.1920;

    - K.S.Oblt.d.R. Ralph Wahle ( son of the above) Ritter,order insignia handed 12.Mar.1920;

    - K.S.Oblt.d.Lw.Gottfried Schulze,Ritter, order insignia handed 31.Jan.1922, (this officer was four times wounded);

    - Lt.d.Res.Arthur Winkelmann, Ritter, order insignia handed 20.Mar.1920.

    Of note are the dates the insignia were actually handed to the recipients(without mention by whom). Of course their return from captivity in a far theatre of operations was rather late but it also demonstrated that there must still have been some authority to handle such matters even after the abdication of King Friedrich August III .

    Bernhard H. Holst

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    Guest Rick Research

    :Cat-Scratch: Yes, that is ODD! Prussia stopped its Orders instantly: no more Pour le Merites, no more Hohenzollern Houses.

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