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    1. To add a few more borrowed pics to be used for academic purposes only-more provincial awards
    2. That chart I believe is from the Ludvigsen article/booklet published in 1990 by the BDOS on the Prussian 1871 campaign medal.
    3. Simeus is totally correct. I collect old photos and have since 1969. I always reduce the size of the photo when putting it on line. As Simeus notes, a reworked republican of an owned work is essentially a copyrightable piece of work. People committing fraud by rerepublication thereafter are stealing. I reckon I have had about two dozen photos taken and reused- notably from the old WAF forum. One of a China Marine in a corduroy jacket seems especially popular. On eBay I once bought an original Freikorps post card of a chap with a dog (complete with mailed message on back to a girl in Darmstadt). Bar-e or Bartko Rehrer (seller) has subsequently resold a reverse blank, cropped version of this image at least 5 times since. The last time was for well over $100. I complained and eBay ignored me.
    4. There is no roll- yet. One is in progress.
    5. That is a Hanovarian Waterloo...look at the ring. fantastic image.
    6. By the way- that is definitely Shartle. If you google his name- photos of him show up in 1918/19 on the US General Staff as a Colonel. He lived onSpring Street in Portland, Maine and is buried within sight of his first command out in Casco Bay in Evergreen Cemetery next to his wife of 50 years.
    7. ah ha! That is part of the set of Schartle estate Berlin attache’ officers’ photos sold off by the Arringtons and then resold by dealers! Congrats! I may be able to get the Thai prince photo.....I have a lead...... all of these guys were interesting. I suspect there is a damn good book in this set of biographies, if only Rick was still here to enjoy/ write the story.
    8. The badge was an official issue but I thought was officers and WO types only. This guy was not in Mexico- but sports the FJ commemorative/ anniversary medal and the war medal- with two other medals. Glenn would of course be able to say more on this guy.
    9. I can not say for certain without researching first, but there are a number of semi official 1956 medals awarded by various Hungarian institutions after 1991.
    10. Yeah, It looks too “ new” and in spots deliberately aged. Also the stitching pattern and backing look very much like the bars produced by the faker in Vienna.
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