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  1. Yeah, It looks too “ new” and in spots deliberately aged. Also the stitching pattern and backing look very much like the bars produced by the faker in Vienna.
  2. Just catching up on this thread and two comments: 1. How do you know (Chris) that 5% were awarded postwar? I have seen a tonne of militarbooks over the years where the EK2 was awarded in October/November, 1918 when it was obvious Germany was done or upon demobilization. Are you going by tue Kleitmann statistics? 2. The EK2 noncom was a different animal than the PWMK. In 1870 it was clear that the ribbon denoted a newly minted ( Red Cross advocated) “ noncombatant” status rather than a rear echelon action. Almost nobody got the PWMK for actions under fire (ok- maybe trainmen or postme
  3. Interesting to argue the prestiege of the award should be “ divided” or parsed out by the ferocity of combat over a longer period of time. Still, the EK mattered culurally and politically far more than most people today realize. It undoubtedly was seen as a “ national award” in 1914 and by 1921 was even more so. I would argue that Hitlers’ EK1 was no small part of his political electability during Weimar. Nonetheless, the huge number of awards as consolation prizes/ participation/ catch up awards in 1918-21 must have “ cheapened “ it. The law of supply and demand is absolute. The
  4. whoa. Is that a white SA? or gold with the sun reflecting off of it?
  5. nice! Did the Nasseurs carry their flag that day? I think I read in Haythornwaite they did not.
  6. That is the coolest pic! Congratulations. Most of the Nassau troops at Waterloo were quite young. Some companies had an average age of 18! Odds are that guy fought at farm on the edge of the battlefield. By the way, what is the SDA?
  7. note the star on the American Defense medal. That is unusual.
  8. Seriously, this is still desirable in Korea. Given how their economy has done over the last few years though I reckon prices are down a bit.
  9. Excellent! I seem to recall the Dutch award is gazetted upon issue. If so, it would narrow the recipient pool. Also I think the Danes keep records of awards as well. After you get a name, try Pankhurst in Addis.. He knows a lot of biographies.
  10. Other versions of it are still there- notibly party congress videos. My favorite is the anime one with a hard techno beat though.
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