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  1. note the star on the American Defense medal. That is unusual.
  2. Seriously, this is still desirable in Korea. Given how their economy has done over the last few years though I reckon prices are down a bit.
  3. Excellent! I seem to recall the Dutch award is gazetted upon issue. If so, it would narrow the recipient pool. Also I think the Danes keep records of awards as well. After you get a name, try Pankhurst in Addis.. He knows a lot of biographies.
  4. Other versions of it are still there- notibly party congress videos. My favorite is the anime one with a hard techno beat though.
  5. I just saw this thread. Honestly, I think of him every day and really miss him. Collecting has not been the same for me since his death.
  6. Thanks. I thought that was the case as I recall there were more awards than actual medals. However, I found it odd that regimental histories segregated them thusly. I suppose that “ by inheritance” means “ still awaiting my medal” .
  7. Theres a photo album of German POWs on the forum hereabouts somewhere and somempaperwork. I remember Rick commenting on them as to the Germans in POW camps in Japan.
  8. Bund der Deutschen OrdenSammler- they publish a great magazine
  9. Now that is cool. Anyone know of a Spanish coronation medals list?
  10. I have been skimming a regimental history or two recently following Von Clausewitz’s career. In it I noticed that 1813-15 EK2 awards were categorized as “ awarded” and “ “ awarded/ held by inheritance”. Am I correct in supposing that this means the actual summary lists of the EK2 were correlated by the medals’ actual, “ where is it niw” status and noted at the War Ministry?
  11. That is a very cool bar. There is a picture somewhere hereabouts of an elderly optometrist in Russia (1916?) wearing his EK2 non com in his button hole in the field who also won both the PWMK and the BMVOx4 in 1914-15.
  12. I thought these were also sold as commemorative awards by enterprising jewelers. There does seem to be some evidence that these commemoratives were occasionally worn by older vets as added bling- notably a painting at the Munich City museum of the veterans’ parade in 1865 shows some older guys wearing these on red/white/black ribbons or black/ white ribbons- sort of how modern WW2 vets add specific purchased commemoratives to their groups.
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