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    With interest i have seen that some experts for imperial flying badges are online in this forum. About 10 years ago i have bought a stock of 1957-awards from a former uniformtailor in Germany. Among these decorations was also a reduced-size imperial badge for naval pilots of Landplanes.

    Is is hollow, 49mm high and 36mm wide, weight is 6,35g. It is struck from brass and the front is gilted. I have never seen a second item with this setup.

    Most of the other decorations from this stock were made by Assmann.

    All opinions are welcome! Thanks and regards


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    Hi, here is the same badge on some sort of plinth, I was always of the opinion that it was a copy ,detail is poor . Could be a 57er ,I suppose ,I have seen Imperial aviation badges from the 57 period before, but one wonders as there must have been fairly limited demand by that time ! Ferg1[


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    Hello Ferg1, thanks for the picture ! Yes, it seems that both badges were made with the same tool. Details of oaks and laurel are much better on mine, i think yours have been polished very often. All in all the quality for a reduced badge is not bad.

    They are rarely seen and i think only a few were produced or were not sold in the 30years and still in stock 1945. Deumer and Steinhauer did not offer reduced Naval badges after 1945, so an other maker with a untypical setup.

    Thanks again and best regards


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