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Unmarked St. George Cross?


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I just came across this one in a dealers list. Unfortunately there is no picture to go with it. I'm thinking from description alone its a fake as i thought they always had the number on the bottom arm. The number on the bottom army wasn't engraved or impressed it was struck during manufacture correct? I have alot to learn in this area so i'm approaching everything with caution.

description from catalogue:

CROSS OF ST. GEORGE. No class or number on cross in gilt.


this link is great for ribbon identification Ed had posted it else where on the forum but it's awesome and deserves another mention


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The top prices paid over recent years for Imperial Russian material certainly have made faking attractive to the natural crook. So deliberate unmarked copies may well be on the market. But I would rather think fakers would try and add some type of numbering to make their wares more attractive and deceitful.

One aspect is often forgotten. Over the years, and mostly between World Wars, a large number of Russian refugees came to Wester Europe and wanted replacements for the medals they had lost. Moreover, a significant number of Allied troops had also received St George Crosses and Medals. They could want replacements.

A number of medal makers in Paris struck Russian medal, without numbers. When they were in silver ou silver gilt, they had the "wild boar's head" hallmark. Those are not original medals, but they certainly are not fakes either.

The cross described could be such a werstern-made badge. No proof of that, of course. And nowhere near the prices asked for the genuine stuff.



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