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  1. My Italian Group to a member of Red Cross Hospital 68
  2. Does anyone happen to have a Group/Single with an Italian version of the UN Korea medal? This is a Group in my collection to a Canadian who served in the navy during ww2 and army with 1 PPCLI during Korea and eventually the RCAPC. Cheers Chris
  3. I believe he is most likely a South African Recipient as well. Based upon the process of elimination (Not BEF/CEF/ANZAC/RAF/RFC/Navy). Cheers Chris
  4. Noor can you post pictures of the medal naming? I have a couple theories. I'd say its safe to exclude the NZEF and Aussies as well. South African is as of right now a possibility but i've got a couple others i'm looking into. Cheers Chris
  5. Many of us with narrow collecting themes often encounter records indicating a one of a kind award to our theme. It's these awards that we never expect to obtain for our collections. The odds of finding them are just to great and surely if the medal is floating around it would end up in a museum (regimental or public). Well let my story provide some hope to you all.At the end of April a militaria auction was held in Western Australia. I had never before heard of the auction nor do i often search Australian dealer lists as my collecting theme is medals to men from my home town of Medicine Hat Al
  6. There's no Captain T C Devlin listed in the CEF database.
  7. Received my items and took closer pics of the 12 year service document. Does anyone have any idea what the signature says? Cheers Chris
  8. Hi Everyone thanks for the input. These should be with me an 2-3 weeks as they have to make it up here from Florida. Once i get them i will take some better photos myself. I can say the cadet uniform is indeed from the Citadel. Think the Waffenrock stands a very good chance of being an unissued piece the quality just looks to good for theatre props and the piping and lace matches period pieces. Won't know for sure until i get it. I got the lot for Just under $400 cdn shipped to my door.
  9. It's "Eclectic" for sure. Being a medal guy i was attracted to the imperial visit medal and i find bulk lots tend to sneak through the bulk of online attention. This one held true to trend and i got it for a steal.
  10. We do the same thing in Canada its called unit perpetuation. Battle honours from fore-bearers get carried on the unit flag and the lineage gets track in the unit history.
  11. Thanks so much for that it's great to know more about the unit and I've book marked the link you sent me thanks again. I've attached the picture from the auction listing.for curiosities sake. Cheers Chris
  12. I'm awaiting the arrival of this lot of uniforms that i purchased at auction. Quite the mix mash of stuff with 2 real gems in the mix Gem one being a pre ww2 USN Chief Petty Officers (Electrician Mate) Bridge coat and Gem 2 being the Waffenrock (which i know nothing about). All i can post right now are the pics from the auction. Once its in hand i will take some additional pics. I loved mixed jumble lots Cheers Chris
  13. I know in the first world war the RNAS, and RAF had armoured car units so perhaps the German air force did as well. I can't wait to get it in hand. I can't find another (though i can't really search in German either). There is several imperial pieces in the lots i'll be sure to do a seperate post when i get everything in hand.
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