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I have a Fuehrungszeugniss dated September 26, 1904, for a Musketier von 2. Kompagnie Infanterie=Regiments Freiherr von Sparr (3. Westf.) Nr. 16. It is signed "von Bluecher, Hauptmann und Kompagnie=Chef". I have Ranglisten, but they of course will not tell me who he really was. Was he a descendant of Marshal Bluecher? I have to say, the "sehr gut" and the signature, obviously the hand of the company CO, are probably the most dramatic German officer's signature and handwriting that I have ever seen. Were I an echte von Bluecher in the Kaiserszeit, I think that I would affect a dramatic signature myself.

I have never mastered the art of posting images.

Bob Lembke

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The Heldengedenkmappe does not list his parents, so the genealogical chain is broken, but from his name, I'd assume so:

Lebrecht von Bl?cher was born 13.9.1868 in Witzmitz and fell in action near Souchez on 9.5.1915 as Oberstleutnant commanding Baden Gren Rgt 110. He was a career General Staff officer, just cycling through units (as in 1904) "ticket punching."

Known awards are BZ3aXE as GR 110's commander, and before the war-- Prussian Lifesaving Medal, RAO4, KO3, XXV, 1897, BZ3a, WF3a, EH3b, and SLH4 (so he'll appear in the Schaumburg Rolls later this year when that is publsihed).

Hauptmann iG 14.9.00 X8x

Major iG 22.3.07 M

Oberstleutnant iG 1.10.13 M

He was on the fast track for General before getting killed in a line command.

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Many thanks. His handwriting, both in the sehr gut that he wrote and in his signature, is extremely bold and dramatic and seems to be written with a very broad calligraphy pen. Happy to send you a scan (might have to be in two pieces) if you send me an e-mail address in a PM.

For several years I bought all sorts of things on e-Bay, especially Militaer=Paesse, and just was digging thru the stuff and noticed the document again. Think a vendor posted a scan on e-Bay and I read the signature and bid on it.


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