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  1. Morning Claudio, I think this is conclusive; from an extract of a Kriegs-Rangliste of III. Bavarian corps showing Major Trautmann's awards. From top to bottom: Bavarian Jubilee Medal BMVO3 with Crown and Swords Bavarian Long service Decoration (DA) 25 years Prussian Centenary Medal Prussian EK2 Prussian EK1 Prussian Hohenzollern House Order 3 with Swords Saxon Albrechts Order Knight 1st Class with Swords Hamburg Hanseatic Cross Austro-Hungarian Military Merit Cross 3rd Class Mecklenburg-Schwerin Military Merit Cross 2nd Class Regards Glenn
  2. Difficult to be absolutely certain, but I think this chap may well be the then Major i.G. Eugen Trautmann. Regards Glenn
  3. my pleasure, a slightly different angle as published in "Die Führer des Reichsheeres 1921 und 1931" Regards Glenn
  4. Morning, Reichsheer char. Generalmajor a.D. Friedrich Hohmann, formerly commander of Artillerie-Regiment Nr. 6 and wartime ARKO 203. Regards Glenn
  5. David, the gentleman is a Warrant Officer Class One in the Coldstream Guards. The peak is fitted with the five rows of “Russia braid” of a WO1 and tailored at a steep angle to rest on the bridge of the wearer’s nose as is customary in the British Foot Guards regiments. Regards Glenn
  6. The 1904 regulations state quite simply: "as per officers of the mounted branches, with silver fittings etc". A royal decree of 15 April 1913 introduced the wear of the central coat of arms in coloured enamel. Regards Glenn
  7. Hi David, note the crown surmounting the Johanniter Order below his Crown Order Commander's cross with swords. The Ehrenritter just wore a cross without the crown. Regards GLenn
  8. Hi guys, a combination of experience, knowledge of uniforms and awards.plus countless hours compiling spreadsheets with awards. And sometimes a bit of luck! Regards Glenn
  9. Hi Ian, hope all is well with you. Oberst Friedrich von Kettler, ARKO 238. Regards Glenn
  10. Hi Chris, I should very much think so: Otto Graf zu Castell-Castell and Wilhelm Freiherr von Leonrod, both wearing the uniform of a Flügeladjutant to the King of Bavaria. Regards Glenn
  11. Hi, as Simius as pointed out, the buttons on the captain's tunic are a bit of an issue. However, with regards to the grenade on the collar; that is the insignia of a non staff qualified (non breveté) officer attached to the general staff. Qualified staff officers (breveté) wore "Lightening rods" or foudre on their regimental uniforms. They are model 1898 officers' tunics for the Chasseurs à cheval. Prior to this, a braided hussar style jacket (dolman) was worn. Regards Glenn
  12. Peter, you can find them listed by year in the published British Army Lists. Many are digitized at the National library of Scotland: https://digital.nls.uk/british-military-lists/archive/88735803 This from July 1914. Regards Glenn
  13. Paul, I am certainly happy who the owner of the bar with the Austro-Hungarian awards was.😉 By the way, it is a KO3X. Regards Glenn
  14. guys, many thanks to you both. I think a straight line or stripe of cannetille braid with gold sequins covers it. It should be noticed for completeness, that those generals of division with the function (rank and title) of a general commanding an army corps or those who were members of the superior war council wore an additional 3mm wide silver braid (soutache) above the "baguette". Regards Glenn
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