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  1. Dave, not conclusive, but a Richard Michelmann is listed in the 1914 Halle Adressbuch. The then Leutnant d.R. Michelmann of IR 135 was on the rolls of Landwehrbezirk Halle in 1914. Regards Glenn
  2. Chaps, he took his time getting commissioned. He was not promoted to Leutnant der Reserve until 27 January 1905 in the Infanterie- (Leibgarde-) Regiment Nr. 115. He transferred into the Landwehr in 1911 and left Landwehr service on 18 February 1913. Recalled for service in WW1, he was promoted to Oberleutnant der Landwehr a.D. on 18 April 1915 whilst serving at the Kriegsgefangenlager Limburg. Regards Glenn
  3. I should think around 1874/75 as a Major. You correctly identify his neck orders. His Mecklenburg Crown is not visible in this portrait. The two Russian orders are a Wladimir 4th Class with Swords and a Saint Anne 3rd Class. Regards Glenn
  4. Hauptmann: 11.9.07 B8b. Although his promotion was überzählig (supernumerary), he was immediately awarded a Patent effective his promotion date of 11 September 1907. Regards Glenn
  5. He is shown in the "Handbuch für das Deutsche Reich" 1918 with following: RAO4 KO3 EK2 LD2 The "Biographisches Handbuch des deutschen Auswärtigen Dienstes 1871-1945", Band 3 gives a 1.9.40 promotion to Major. d.R. Regards Glenn
  6. Good morning, He was promoted to Leutnant d.R. on 17.12.98 (Yy) and to Oberleutnant d.R. on 18.10.09. He left the reserves on 19 July 1913. Hauptmann d.R. a.D. on 9.11.14 whilst serving with the Stellvertrende Generalstab der Armee. Regards Glenn
  7. Feodor Grohe was born in Trier on 7 June 1872. He entered Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 113 from the cadet corps on 22 March 1893 as a Seconde-Lieutenant. He was employed as an instructor at the cadet institute at Plön from 27 January 1898 and transferred to the cadet institute at Oranienstein on 17 October 1899. He returned to his regiment on 27 January 1902 and was promoted to Oberleutnant on 22 April 1902. Promoted to Hauptmann and company commander on 17 September 1909 and received a patent as such on 27 January 1910. Promoted to Major on 18 April 1916. Retired as a charakter Oberstleutnant. Shown below in the 1934 edition of the list of the officers' association of IR 113 as an Oberstleutnant a.D. Regards Glenn
  8. Morning, Dr. Robert Holtzmann was commissioned as a Seconde-Lieutenant der Reserve in Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 143 on 21 April 1898 (Ll) and was promoted to Oberleutnant der Reserve on 27 January 1909. He transferred to Landwehr status in 1910/11 (Landwehrbezirk Straßburg). He left the Landwehr on 10 June 1913 with permission to wear the Landwehr army uniform. Recalled for service in WW1, he was promoted to Hauptmann der Landwehr a.D. on 26 October 1914. He served with Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 87 during the war. Regards Glenn
  9. He was under no obligation to serve in the 1866 campaign and his service in the wars of 1864 and 1870/71 was under the auspices of the Johanniter-Orden. He actually retired from the Landwehr on 8 September 1855. He received the Charakter of a Major a.D. on 18 October 1861. Regards Glenn
  10. A super portrait. The baron wears the uniform of the 7. Schwere-Landwehr-Reiter-Regiment, his former Landwehr cavalry unit. He left active military on 16 May 1844 when he retired from the Regiment Garde du Corps and went onto Landwehr service. Regards Glenn
  11. Fahnenjunker: 6.11.62 Portepee-Fähnrich: 10.7.63 Sekondeleutnant: 14.3.64 Premierleutnant: 24.11.70 Hauptmann: 25.5.76 (18.4.78 New Patent of 18.5.74) Regards Glenn
  12. Lukasz, I similarly checked the Prussian Ordensliste up to the last supplement in 1913. He had nothing from Prussia until then. The extract from Christian above would seem to rule out a 1913/1914 award. Regards Glenn
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