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  1. I don't think it can be Major Slevogt. He already had the BMV4b as a Major in 14. Infanterie-Regiment before his tenure as commander of 2. Jäger-Bataillon. I have spent the last two hours combing through the Bavarian Militär-Handbuch, Personal-Nachrichten and the the Ranglisten der activen Offiziere. I have found just one field officer who ONLY had the Jubilee medal and long service decoration whilst serving in that rank in a Jäger-Bataillon in 1908. The Bavarian Military Handbook was not published every year and he was not listed in 1907 and 1909 with a Jäger-Bataillon. But Major Rudolf Heller was the Major on the staff of 1. JB in 1908 having previously been an Hauptmann in 20. Infanterie-Regiment. In 1909 he is a Major in 17. Infanterie-Regiment still with just a Jubilee medal and long service decoration. This from the Ranglisten der activen Offiziere 1908. Regards Glenn
  2. Hi Laurentius, he received the EKII on 8 October 1817 vice the deceased Lieutenant Blumenthal. Regards Glenn
  3. Hi Daniel, I very much agree. He presumably received the South-West Africa Medal in steel for services in support of the campaign whilst serving in the Reichsmilitärgericht. Regards Glenn
  4. Hello Glenn;

    You were recommended to me as a great source for information and photos on German generals. 

    Are there any photos of Major-General Ernst Roessler?  

    He was an Oberst in 1912 with IR of Voigts-Rhetz #79(3rd Hanover) and reached the rank of Major General by WWI.  

    Please feel free to PM me.

    Thank you,


    1. Glenn J

      Glenn J

      Hi Claudius,

      unfortunately at this moment in time I do not have an image of General Roessler. Should I acquire one, I will of course pass it on to you.



    2. Claudius


      Hello Glenn;

      Thank you for looking!  As I said, you came recommended as a great source on German Generals.  If you don't have him, then I can understand that it's likely there isn't any publicly available sources that has a photo of him.

      Thank you again for looking.



  5. As far as I can ascertain, these are the guys who are a possibility in 1875. I would probably exclude the Landgendarmerie officer. Regards Glenn Ballhorn Land-Gendarmerie Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Becher IR 24 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Gustorf IR 25 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Klösterlein von IR 24 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Merckel von General-Stab der Armee Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Platen von IR 117 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Runckel von Landwehr-Regiment Nr. 48 Obst. z.D. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Voigts-König von GR 110 Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Wrochem von FR 90 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 And here are the possibilities from 1871: It is of course possible that the General staff officers are not originally infantry officers: Ballhorn Land-Gendarmerie Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Bentivegni von FR 90 Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Bülow von Großer General-Stab Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Gaza von GR 12 Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Gustorff FR 35 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Heynitz von IR 24 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Holtzendorff von IR 32 Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Klösterlein von IR 24 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Meerscheidt-Hüllessem Frhr. von IR 24 Maj. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Merckel von Großer General-Stab Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Runckel von IR 78 Obstlt. RAO4X, EK2 70, DA, MMV2 Schell von Großer General-Stab Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Schultz von FR 90 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Seyfried 3. GRzF Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Trapp-Ehrenschild von IR 76 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2 Voigts-König von IR 24 Hptm. RAO4X, EK2 70, MMV2
  6. Claudio, I am not going to comment on the entire Wikipedia article but it is in error regarding the dates of introduction of the rank. In the case of the Landwehr it was introduced per cabinet order of 1 February 1843 (not 1846). And in fact it was in 1846 that the rank was introduced for the active army (not 1873).The cabinet order of 6 January 1846 authorized the promotion of the senior Sergeant in a company with a minimum of 15 years service to the rank of Vice-Feldwebel/Wachtmeister as long has he possessed the necessary ability to deputize for the Feldwebel/Wachtmeister. Regards Glenn

    Hi Glenn,

    I am researching the writing of Official Histories of the Great War and see from the posts you have Vol 13. and Vol 14 of  Der Welkrieg.

    Be aware the 1956 printing are facsimile reprints, and the main differences in the 1956 printing is Bundesarchiv on the spine, an additional introduction and the maps are in black and white, though some people have coloured in the black and white maps.

    I am researching is to understand if Vol. 13 published in 1942 are numbered individually , and if Vol. 14 ever came out in 1944. 

    So are your copies the 1942 and 1944 editions, and if so are they number on the title page labelled Nr. *

    Many thanks in advance  for any help,


    1. Glenn J

      Glenn J

      Hi Martin,

      I am afraid my copies are indeed the 1956 Bundesarchiv reprints (which is a shames as the map volume was not reproduced in colour!}

      Best regards


    2. MartH


      Hi Glenn,

      Thanks for that information.

      I would suggest they are the first public edition, and that Volume 14 was not published in 1944, only a few proof copies.

      Many thanks


  8. I have checked every edition of the Prussian Rangliste from 1871 to 1888. No officer from IR 31 has that combination of awards. Regards Glenn
  9. Actually Major Julius Gustorf is looking good! Adjutant of the IX. Armee-Korps in 1880. Regards Glenn
  10. Chaps, unfortunately, the basic problem is that his orders are not particularly unusual. This is exacerbated by the fact that he is wearing a Prussian infantry uniform whilst photographed in a Mecklenburg-Schwerin garrison town. He is clearly not wearing the uniform of either GR 89 or FR 90. Added to this, we are at this time unclear of the exact time frame the photograph was taken; it could be anytime between 1871 and probably the mid eighties. If we assume it is in fact 1880, there are nine infantry officers with the combination of an RAO4X, EK2 13 and an MMV2. Of these only two are listed with the Dienstauszeichnung: Oberst von Gaza of IR 67 Oberst z.D. von Runckel of Landwehr-Regiment Nr. 48. The other seven are: Major Gustorf of FR 34 Hauptmann Frhr. von Mirbach of the Garde-Füsilier-Regiment (It is definitely not him) Hauptmann von PLaten of IR 64 Hauptmann von Schierstedt of GR 89 Hauptmann Struensee of IR 24 Hauptmann von Wagenhoff of FR 90 Hauptmann von Wrochem of FR 90 Hopefully the rear of the photograph may provide some additional clues Regards Glenn
  11. Enzo, is that not the officer's 25 year service decoration? Regards Glenn
  12. Arho, do not be disheartened. It is a wonderful photograph and possibly, given time will be identified. The problem with Herr Kühne is that he is listed in the 1830 Rangliste with just an EK2. Presumably his Austrian and Russian awards date from the Befreiungskriege and would therefore be listed if that were he? Regards Glenn
  13. Most definitely. Note the Flügel-Adjutant badge of Kaiser Wilhelm I. Freiherr v. Seckendorff was the only naval recipient of this badge. Regards Glenn
  14. Hi David, just a couple of lines. The page number is 724 and the title of the book is: Geschichte des 1. Kurhessischen Feldartillerie-Regiments Nr. 11 und seiner Stammtruppen by Stabsarzt Dr. Wilhelm Haß, Marburg 1913. Regards Glenn
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