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  1. Hi David, his awards from the last peacetime Rangliste (he died in 1916) and a portrait. Regards Glenn
  2. Hi Chris, ditto!! I think it was a sweetener of a term for being made redundant! Regards Glenn
  3. Johnny, interesting conversion. The name is actually Teubner. Arnold Teubner was born in Neu-Ruppin on 19 August 1874 and was and was a former cadet. He was commissioned into Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 97 on 17 March 1894 as a Sekonde-Lieutenant (Leutnant). Promoted to Oberleutnant on 19 May 1903, he was transferred to the naval infantry on 1 October 1904 as assigned to the 1. Seebataillon. He returned to the army with effect 1 December 1908 as an Oberleutnant in Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 143 where he was promoted to Hauptmann on 27 January 1911. His last pre-war assignment was to Infanterie-R
  4. Hi Alex, very nice! Some more biographical information here from the Naval medical officers' Stammliste. Regards Glenn
  5. Morning, Ancestry.de gives a date of death as 16 October 1946. It is not explicit about place of death but his place of burial (Bestattungsort) is Freiburg in Baden. Major: 18.10.12 E Regards Glenn
  6. Hi chaps, just an aside on the business of researching early post Napoleonic War Prussians. As stated above 1813-1816 is pretty much a black hole as regards published Ranglisten. However, there are some excellent lists reproduced in the Prussian official history of the Prussian Army of the Wars of Liberation; Das Preußische Heer der Befreiungskriege. Although not name indexed, they are at least readable!! I have attached couple of examples below. Moving on to the published army lists. These were published from 1817 onwards. These, however do present the researcher with some difficult
  7. HI ArHo, agreed; here is his promotion to Premier-Lieutenant as gazetted in the Militair-Wochenblatt Nr 168 of 11 Sweptember 1819. It gives a promotion date of 28 August 1819. Regards Glenn
  8. Hi ArHo, oh ye of little faith 😉😁 This from the Offizier-Stammliste of the Neumärkischer Dragoner-Regiment Nr. 3 (formerly Nr. 6). He was briefly an active cavalry officer. Regards Glenn
  9. RAO4Kr, KO4, HOH3X, EK1, BBI3X, BZ3bE, BMV3XKr, BMV4XKr, SA3X, SA3aXKr, EH2bX, WK2cX, DD2b, GE3, JM4, ÖEK3K, ÖM3K, SE5 Regards Glenn
  10. Here is what I have for him: RAO4, HOH3X, EK1, AB3aXKr, AB3a, AK, BZ3aX, BZ3bE, BRJM, BMV4XKr, BrK2, BH, HH, HT, LK, MG2c, SA3aX, GSF3b, SEK2X, WK3X, SS3b, SE5 Regards Glenn
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