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    Parachute Regiment patch and titles and other cloth stuff.

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    This stuff was given to me some time ago by a colleague at work along with two German daggers. His late father had brought the daggers back from the war and he decided he didn't want "Nazi" stuff and gave them to me, along with these cloth patches. I believe all are WW2 period, or at least coming from where they did I've no reason to doubt it.

    Some stuff is self evident, and I recognise the patch of the Guards Armoured Div, 14th Army, 2nd Army, 15th (Scottish) Div, 52 Lowland Div, 21st Army Group (?), the 5th Bn with the White Rose I guess is Yorkshire Regt ??. Any ideas on the other one ?

    I've been told that the Parachute should title with seriffed letters is a rare early one ?

    Before I get rid of them I want to be sure I've ID'd them correctly.

    Any suggestions on value ?.

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    Hi Kev,

    Yeah, I had all the shoulder titles, it's a couple of the formation patches that I was unsure of. There was another too, with a red anchor on a circular patch, but I think I have got an ID for that, - Beach Group, part of the RAOC for the Normandy landings.

    Hallo Gordon :beer:

    My tuppence worth, and I stand open for correction.

    K.O.S.B. = Kings Own Scottish Borderer's.

    R.A.M.C. = Royal Army Medical Corp (Rob All My Comrades :P).

    R.E. = Royal Engineers.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    Hi Gordon

    Try this site for size


    The para badges looks like an early one - very nice to see one in the flesh. If it's a good one its going to be expensive

    Normally div/brigade patches are?8-?10 but for certain ones ie beach landing units and other desirable ones it can be a lot more



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    Thanks Graham & Perce. !

    Not collectingh this stuff I was gobsmacked at the prices of some of these pieces. I found a site specialising in airborne stuff and the serif lettered "Parachute" title is listed at ?125 for a single and the basic WW2 para wings at ?60.


    Well, someone will get a bargain as I was going to offer them at ?100 for all 20 or so of them.

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    The lion & white saltire on red square is WWII West Scotland District, post war Lowland District.

    The blue cross on red shield was 21st Army Group GHQ & by Line of Communcation troops who belonged to units that did'nt have their own badge.

    Post WWII it was worn by troops in the Rear Maintenance Area in France.

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