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Identifiable? Order of the Indian Empire

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Your best bet would be to get hold of a 1926 edition of Burke's Peerage and work your way through the list of knights commander of the Order of the Indian Empire. This will list all those who were alive in that year. Then pick through those who also held the CSI at that date and narrow down your list. Given the method of wear for the CSI, the absence of a 1911 durbar medal and his apparent age, my guess is that the appointment to the CSI decoration dates from after 1917. Typically for tha period there should be about 7-10 civilian Europeans with that combination. When I say "civilian", this will include in the Political/Foreign Service who will also be entitled Colonel or Lieutenant-Colonel. I guess if there is someone with a Swedish connection, he may be your man.

The absence of any Durbar Medal may suggest that he wasn't actually an old India hand. Perhaps seconded from some other ministry (e.g. Treasury or War Office) or in the Foreign Service and serving in say Persia, Central Asia or the Gulf.



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