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    Kriegserinnerungsmedaille with Swords


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    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this...

    Thanks to a trade with Jeff I now have the Republic of Austria Kriegserinnerungsmedaille with Swords. This medal was established on 21 December 1932 for all Austrian, as well as Central Powers, who participated in WWI. As of 10 November 1933 soldiers who had at least 12 weeks frontline service or serious wounds were awarded the medal with a pair of gilt-bronze crossed swords on the ribbon.

    :jumping: I now have both medals with and without swords. Thanks Jeff!! :jumping:

    :beer: Doc

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    • 2 weeks later...

    :jumping: That's a GREAT looking Ladies medal!!! :jumping: Was the document for the swords standard for ladies or did they ever get swords on there medal?

    :beer: Doc

    This document has no connection with this medal. It is only background for photo. It?s for medal with swords on triangular ribbon.

    I am still unsuccessfully looking for correct one.

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