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From the 1918 German Reich State Handbuch p. 438 RMdR DR8 Victor v, Websky RAO4, EK1, LD1, BMV4, HH, SMK. The bar has a blue back. On the bar the BMV4 would be out of place as a non4X but if it was upgraded to a 4X during the war it is good. Also since he was in civil service he may have stay on during the TR time and received the 25 years civilian long service. What does the MASTER say? :jumping: or :speechless:

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But he would have had an 1897 Centenary Medal.

This is what makes ribbon bars orders of magnitude trickier than medal bars, since we can't tell what class Bavarian Military Merit it was on there with NO device, nor which two Prussian long services those are meant to be....

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