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Slovak Bravery Medal and (German) ribbon bar

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I'm not a frequent visitor on this part of the forum, but ventured here because of the following Slovak medal for bravery. There is a small ribbon bar as well, and my question concerns the little device on both ribbon bar and ribbon of the medal. I just found some further reading in the book "Foreign Legions of the Reich (part 3) ", but nobody talks about the enamel device. What's the purpose of that device?

Otherwise, I can only guess if the award and ribbon bar were handed out to someone with German or Slovak nationality. I guess Slovaks were also able to receive the EK2 and KVK2.

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The Medal for Bravery was instituted in one class (gold) on 8 May 1939, with the silver & bronze classes being added on 11 September of the same year. It was awarded between these dates and 1945 by the German-controlled government of the Slovak Republic.

The ''?" represents 'Slovakia' rather than a maker's mark.

The enamel device on the ribbon appears to have been an integral part of the insignia as a whole rather than having any special significance.

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It is slovak bravery medal III. class (bronze)

"?" is for academic sculptor ?tefunko Fraňo, who is the author of this medal...

The enamel device on the ribbon is a integral part of the bravery medal...

Rick Research: the ribbon on photo U have posted is not bravery medal for slovaks, but it is ribbon of War winning cross V.-VII. class...

I think it belonged to a german soldiers, who have been awarded slovak medals after puting down slovak natonal uprising... slovak soldier wouldn have his national medals on first place, then german...

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