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    Obverse looks quite good. Reverse face looks a bit rough though. A lot of little dings which might well just be knocks it has picked up over the years but can also look like the little dimples and irregularities you find in castings.

    We know that Souval used both the angular RS and rounded RS logos during wartime and I've seen good (and bad) U-Boat badges with both types of logo.

    Hinge and pin type looks OK. Also the retaining hook is one of three types used on wartime Souval badges.

    So, all in all, no major problems other than the slight irregularities on surface of the reverse face. Souval badges always meet with extreme caution and suspicion though and most people would prefer to wait until having a Souval piece in hand rather than working from an image, before being 100% comfortable.

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    Hello Gordon,

    Thank you for the reply. You discribe the same things as I did when I looked at the pictures. It looks good but I myself started to doubt about my opinion when I remembered that Souvals have been faked by many and even made after WW2 by Souval themselves.

    I have emailed my friend your reply and now the choice is his.

    Thanks again.



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