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I'd say it is a dummy cannon to trick enemy aerial reconnaissance... when they're not playing with it. :cheeky:

It would make sense as bait to attract enemy aircraft - then hit them with the camouflaged FLAK

Sorry Rick but it's JPG

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Hi, "Naxos";

Just saw this. Yes, I would say that it was a replica of an Infanterie=Geschuetze, like the cut-down 77 mm guns used for that purpose, cut-down wheels, sometimes a bit off the barrel, etc. By 1918 most line infantry regiments had one or two batteries, either special infantry gun formations (50 batteries were formed), or 77 mm guns or occasionally 105 mm howitzer batteries detailed for this purpose from regular field artillery formations. Use as flier bait sounds as good as anything.

Bob Lembke

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