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    Too Many Lehmanns !

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    Passed through the Zone Of Devastation (Great Ice Storm of 11 December 2008) today and am able to share these from a local collection (anecdotally without power for days and anecdotally the roads are still lined for miles with downed trees to the height of roof edges).

    Here is a presentation IOD89 from the Officer Corps of Infantry Regiment 82 to their departing comrade Major Lehmann:

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    Guest Rick Research

    The problems begin with TWO typically no first names in Prussian sources Lehmanns who were Majors in Inf Rgt 82-- and BOTH were named Ernst!!! :banger:

    Luckily we know when THIS Ernst served in the regiment:

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    Guest Rick Research

    ANNNNNNND the 1912 Supplement, too! :cheers:

    But we're getting ahead of ourselves chronologically here. We must return to the German Orders Almanac, edition 1908/1909:

    Note the Two Ernsts-- who have gone about their separate lives... Other Ernst up top and Our Ernst down at the bottom...

    and a mistake

    an error

    a gaffe



    ripple in the space-time continuum

    that has for the last CENTURY--

    in the lifetime of Our Ernst and his Doppelg?nger

    screwed up his Orders Almanac entry!!! :Cat-Scratch::speechless1:

    The lives of Reserach Gnomes are oft' unhappy... sorting out mistakes like this that derail us with red herrings. After all, the presumption is that old period sources AT THE TIME "must" be correct.

    They're not.

    Sometimes :unsure:

    history lies to us. :rolleyes:

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    Guest Rick Research

    OUR Ernst was not-- ever -- Commander of the Landwehrbezirks Kommando M?hlhausen!!!!! :speechless1::speechless1::speechless1:

    OUR Ernst was

    Ernst Lehmann was born 18 June 1848 in Bublitz, Pomerania, son of a Pastor and later Seminary Director aD. He died 15 February 1921.

    Served in the Prussian army 4 September 1866 to 14 May 1894 and again for periods on recall as noted below, and for World War One.

    Portep?e F?hnrich 9 March 1867

    Sekondelieutenant 7 July 1868

    Premierlieutenant 11 March 1876 with final seniority of 11 November 1875

    Hauptmann 13 September 1882 (supernumerary)/ Patent 6 September 1881 final seniority

    Major 16 July 1891 (supernumerary)/ Patent 14 May 1894 final seniority

    Charakterisiert Oberstlieutnant au?er Dienst 10 September 1898

    Oberst au?er Dienst on recall for World War service and final retirement in that rank

    04.09.66 Replacement Battalion Infantry Regiment 54

    01.06.-26.07.72 detached for service with Pioneer Battalion 2

    03.08.72-06.02.78 Adjutant of Fusilier Battalion/Infantry Regiment 54

    01.04.81-17.04.82 Regimental Adjutant Inf Rgt 54 but detached

    Summer 1881 on General Staff exercise ride through the IInd Army Corps area

    18.04.82-20.04.83 detached for service in the Great General Staff?

    20.07.82 transferred as senior First Lieutenant in Infantry Regiment 44

    21.04.83 assigned to the Great General Staff, on permanent status 25.08.83--

    8 weeks tour of the battlefields of 1864 from the Eider to north point of Jutland for the War Historical Section of the Great General Staff?s work on the Danish campaign. Autumn 1883 for the same purpose researched at the archives of the Austro-Hungarian General Staff in Vienna

    Summer 1883 on General Staff exercise ride through Vth Army Corps area

    13.12.83 General Staff officer on the staff of Ist Army Corps

    22.04.84 General Staff officer on the staff of 1st Infantry Division

    18.-26.07.84 on coastal war maneuvers near Pillau

    Summer 1884, 1885, 1886 on General Staff exercise rides in Ist Army Corps areas

    Autumn 1884 and 1886 on terrain familiarity trips in East Prussia, Russian Lithuania, and Poland as far as the line Riga-D?naburg-Wilna-Minsk-Kiev-Berditschev. Autumn 1885 had done the same along the line Warsaw-Lublin-Cracow.

    03.03.87 transferred as company Commander of 4th Company/ Infantry Regiment 82

    25.03.93 transferred to Infantry Regiment 61 as a battalion commander

    (The 1908/09 Orders Almanac WRONGLY listed him as ex-Commander of Landwehr District M?hlhausen !)

    14.05.94 retired with permission to wear the uniform of Infantry Regiment 82

    Autumn 1903 served 8 weeks in the Clothing Office of Xth Army Corps

    Spring 1904 the same for 6 weeks

    Autumn 1906 the same for 4 weeks

    1870-71 war service:

    18.08.70 battles at Gravelotte-St.Privat

    19.08.-27.10.70 encirclement of Metz

    10.11.70-02.01.71 encirclement of Paris including

    02.12.70 battle of Villiers

    03.12.70 battle of Champigny

    26.01.71 battle of Salins

    29.01.71 battle of Les Planches

    World War service:

    Railway Kommandantur Osnabr?ck as a recalled Oberstleutnant aD

    Sammelstelle (Collection Point) Osnabr?ck from which finally retired as Oberst aD


    Prussian 1870 Iron Cross 2nd Class and 1914 repeat Bar

    Prussian Red Eagle Order 3rd Class with Bow superceding Red Eagle Order 4th Class

    Prussian Crown Order 3rd Class (awarded 22.08.07)

    Prussian XXV Years Service Cross

    1870/71 War Medal (with bars Gravelotte-St.Privat, Metz, Paris, Villiers)

    Southwest Africa Medal 1904/06 in Steel (!)

    China Medal 1900-1902 in Steel (!) both for home service support of the expeditions

    1897 Kaiser Wilhelm Centenary Medal

    Oldenburg Friedrich August Cross 2nd Class 1914 on ?red blue? home service ribbon

    Civil occupations and activities:

    Lived at Bergstra?e 41 and Schildweg 16, G?ttingen

    Member of the Board of the City Antiquities Collection in G?ttingen

    Since 1 May 1906 Member of the Provincial Commission for the Research and Preservation of Monuments in Hanover

    By 1907 (Crown Order 3rd) he was a City Council Deputy (B?rgervorsteher) in G?ttingen


    Stammliste of Infantry Regiment 82 (1903) and its supplements of 1907 and 1912, the German Orders Almanac 1908/09, and Honor Rank List 1914/18. WW1 awards: Daniel Krause.

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    Guest Rick Research

    The "M?hlhausen" Lehmann was, in fact, the "ALBERT" listed in the Orders Almanac above-- this from Glenn (again :cheers: )

    F.R. 36 Ernst Lehmann (1851) (Major 27.1.96 D), char. Oberstleutnant 19.6.02 was the Bezirkskommandeur of Landwehrbezirk M?hlhausen i. Th. He was transferred to the Kriegsministeruim on 25 Feb 1904 as the chief of the regulations printing administration. He is still listed there in the May 1914 Army List. He was promoted char. Oberst on 22.3.15 as a Department Head in the War Ministry. Patent of 18.9.15 as commander of Landsturm-Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 3.

    So here we have a THIRD Ernst Lehmann-- with incorrect 1st name listed (fairly common with the German distinction between all names and Rufnamen)-- though "Albert: had NO connection with Inf Rgt 82.

    Nexxxxxxxxxxt... the 1914-18 Honor Rank List! :banger:

    OUR IR 82 Ernst is listed, "correctly" among the recalled retired Obersten-- last troop unit as "(IR 61)." That, in literal fact, was true-- he spent the final unhappy year of his career there-- but as you will note from the Stammliste above-- he retired "with the Uniform of IR 82." If we did not have the Stammliste... we would assume that Rifles Factory Director Other Ernst above was "him"-- from THAT Ernst's Honor Rank List entry showing last troop unit before pre-war retirement as "(IR 82)."

    History-- and original period German sources-- have conspired to TRICK the Research Gnomes...

    and failed. :catjava:

    (A Happy Ending for a change! :cheers: )

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    Guest Rick Research

    Always. I loved named swords (I have none, awwwwwwwwwwww) almost as much as named medal bars. Just post each one in its own thread. :beer:

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    Always. I loved named swords (I have none, awwwwwwwwwwww) almost as much as named medal bars. Just post each one in its own thread. :beer:

    Great! :jumping: Will take pics tomorrow...also a Hessian piece, "Cremer s./l. Riemann", "Cassel 1890" - I suppose when they finished their lieutenat's exam. More threads will follow, I have a few pieces

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