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    Canadian - Korea Era

    Guest Darrell

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    Guest Darrell

    Hi all. Looking at a 3 medal grouping consisting of:

    Canadian (silver) Korea medal (SH 443 J. CONNELLY ); Korea Volunteer Medal, unnamed as issued; UN Korea, bronze (SH 443 J. CONNELLY).

    Can someone shed some light on what the SH 443 stands for?


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    Guest Darrell

    Thanks to Skeena :cheers:


    S for Canadian Army Special Service Force for the Korean Conflict

    H for Winnipeg Manitoba enlistment

    SH - 443 was his official or regimental number

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    Guest Darrell

    My understanding is that Second War servicemen retained their serial number with the S added if they re-enlisted for Korea. A check of his service record will almost certainly show WWII service.

    Addtional Info dug up by "Steve":

    John CONNELLY enlisted on 22 Jan 1952 and was assigned to the 3rd Battalion of the Princes Patricia?s Canadian Light Infantry and arrived in Korea 29 Oct 1952. After war service in Korea he also served in England and Holland from 17 Apr 1954 to 14 Nov 1954.

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