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    Romanian "RSR" Cap Badge

    Guest Rick Research

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    Guest Rick Research

    OK, so I've said I wanted to stick with "RPR," but there this was at today's show--

    pretty, cheap, and-- unknown to me.

    What is it, who wore it, and when? :beer:

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    Hi Ricky, :beer:

    I am sure I once had part of a Romanian Militia Mans uniform (Greatcoat and Cap)

    pass through my hands I will try and locate the pictures, as I feel it had a similar Cap-badge.

    From what I know grade / rank was determined by the numbers / layers

    of branches under the communist cipher.

    Kevin in Deva. :beer:

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    The Cap for the badge you found:

    R.S.R. Period.


    Very heavy "bulls-wool" type material.

    Kevin in Deva :beer:

    Edited by Kev in Deva
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    So what RANK was your "two rows" guy? :cheers: Mine must have been junior, with only 1 row.

    Hi Ricky, :cheers:

    trying to locate a rank list I had around here, but, from what I recall my wife saying about them,

    yours could be for a Non-Commissioned officer, rank determined by whatever was on his shoulder boards.

    The one on the cap I pictured for an officer.

    Shoulder board on Great coat.

    Kevin in Deva.

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    Guest Rick Research

    Ah, that's a Lieutenant Colonel. So-- MIGHT be field grade had 2 rows of cabbage, while company officers only had one ring of leaves? Would they have spent State Resources on enamel for mere noncommisioned comrades?

    Silver = police... not army?

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    • 7 months later...


    You are thinking in the same way I thought at the beginning... trying to integrate Western Military logic into deciphering Romanian rank patterns. Doesn't work here.

    Basically, three (3) rows of leaves surrounding the State seal are Generals (in this case, the rows are embroidered); two (2) rows are for Lieutenants through Colonels; one (1) row is for Sergeants and Warrant Officers; no (0) rows but with an enameled State seal on oval is for cadets; no (0) rows and with an oval with State seal impressed (no enamel) is for all ranks lower than Sergeant. Occasionally, you'll run across an enameled State seal with no oval behind it and it may still have a dark red cloth backing attached- that is for a member of the Patriotic Guard.

    Gold colour is for all branches of the Armed Forces, including the Security Troops. Silver colour was reserved for the Militia (Police).

    The only way to tell the actual rank of an individual was on the shoulderboards (epoleti). The cap badge and collar insignia only put you in the ballpark.

    Take a look at the Romanian Cap Badges thread- I have shown examples of all except General.

    Edited by Greg Collins
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