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    Highlanders badges - period ? Value ?

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    The Black Watch Other Ranks below Sergeant, in white metal, Victorian era but not scarce - price, I don't know - ?40?

    Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders, in use from Victorian times,whitte metal gave way to anodised aluminium in the 1950's / 60's, I would think that there were some later white metal private productions though. Again I'm not too sure of price, but it's common - ?6 - ?10?

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    The Black Watch is KK 655 - like all or most of its variations over the years, t was probably produced with "Lacesset" spelt as "Lacessit" too.

    The A & SH badge is KK 698 as a generic representation - it was produced in numerous variations, even within the same material of white metal - voided, unvoided, fat cat, thin cat, cat facing its front, its left, with tail, without tail, with thistle leaves over the stems of the thistle at the base of the design & without, pronounced convex centre, almost flat centre.

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    Thanks very much, LK. Your opinion is always appreciated ( you gave me some info on a Leeds Pals badge over on Wehrmacht and told me about this brilliant forum )

    So you think the Black Watch is an ok, period example ?

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    Yep, looks ok from those photos, if you check out a few of the online dealer's sites you'll get an idea of the current going price, I think that I've seen them in the past at ?75, ?100, but that's pushing it - I reckon ?40's more like it.

    There's a site somewhere (I've lost the bookmark) which provides a gallery of Brit cap badges, it shows loads of the A & SH variations, they are a subject in themselves. Anybody got a link to anything that sounds like it?

    Posting any more?

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    Oh yes !!! Have loads of them.

    Any idea about a pair of two piece badges with CG surmounted by a rose ? They're like the SG Scot's Greys. Could they be Coldstream Guards ( but wouldn't have thought the rose would match ? )

    I'll take an overview pic and then you can request for more detail on anything you see fit.

    Thanks again, Leigh.

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    Yes, it's an officer's badge, worn on the feather bonnet, white helmet & other headress. King's Crown so post circa 1902 - the 1930's - the scrolls were removed from the design in the 1930's, but this style was still worn. From the late 50's - late 60's the Highland Brigade badge was worn instead of the regimental pattern, & after that the St Edward's Crown version which was introduced during the 50's with the accession of QEII.

    Sergeants wore the badge in white metal & gilt, officers in silver & gilt.

    I have no knowledge of hallmarks on silver, but your badge has hallmarks so hopefully you can date it.

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