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10th Foot photograph

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I was recently sent a photograph found in the possessions of a descendant of Captain George Bulger of the 10th Regiment. He transferred to the 10th from the 69th on the formation of the 2/10th - a colonial (Canada) who got his commission because his father knew some people but who can't have had much money, so spent his career in undistinguished units and places.

George joined the 10th in 1858, the year the 2/10th was re-formed, retired in 1875 and died in 1877 or so. The picture is pretty self-evidently men of the 10th (see cap numerals) and a couple of drummer boys. The original has a largish stain which the owner says is blood.

I'm posting two details from the photo, as the complete image is too large for my posting limits. What I'd like are any thoughts on the uniforms regarding a date more specific than '1858-1875' and any other tidbits you experts can gleen from the image. Thanks a lot in advance .


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