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    roab medal


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    Hi all,this is my first post even though i've been a member for a little while.

    My main interests are iron crosses and medal bars,i also have a few british groups.

    Along with the british groups i recieved a couple of mason/roab medals and would like to know more about them.

    Hope you can help

    Regards Dave

    Engraving on the reverse reads....presented by the australia league 1921 to sir jfp fordam for past valuble services..16.jan.1913 ?????

    Hope this works comps are not my thing!!

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    Hi Dave

    Can't help you with the first one as it's definitely from the Buffaloes and not within my sphere of interest.

    However, the second one is not so obvious! There's no indication (AFAI can see) of affiliation to any specific fraternal order: no obvious emblems such as the square an compass etc, but the name and number don't tally with any English/Welsh/Scottish Masonic Lodge recorded. Can only think it might be from another fraternity (Oddfellows, Buffaloes, etc).

    Sorry it's not much help, but at least it rules out a Masonic connection.



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    The Royal Antediluvian Order of Buffalo was founded in 1822, was open to any male, and eventually had lodges in many parts of the Empire. There is a lot of information on the web, so I would suggest a quick search there.

    As far as medal #2, if the WM says it's not Masonic, I can't disagree (can get in trouble for that :D ).

    Good luck


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    • 2 weeks later...

    Hi Richard,

    Sorry no markings on it...I thought i could get some idea of age from the 5 point label on the front.

    The strange thing is the duke of york standard has a three label with azue ble anchor on centre,but this medal has a five label with red anchor on centre,i cannot find it anywhere,

    All i have to go on is it came to me from a relative who was born in russia in 1886,served as a sjt in the middex reg during the first war,then in the rnvr during the second world war....then as if that was not enough went on to join the allied control commision, That is why i am trying to get as much info about this man as possible before he gets lost in time like so many others, Sorry if i've bored you but thanks for your help anyway

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    Given that the Buffs medal has Australian connections (inscription, as well as the shape of the ribbon hangers), could this be from an Australian Masonic Lodge?

    In the UK, there's a separate Grand Lodge for England (incl. Wales), Scotland and Ireland. Similarly, in Australia, I think each state has it's own Grand Lodge, so you would have to try them all.

    A simple Google search shows a similar medal to this was sold at auction 12 years ago, but I cannot find anything else of note.

    Good luck!


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    • 4 years later...


    given the fact the top one has a Buffalo on the jewel I would say RAOB.

    If it was awarded to Sir.. then I would also assume that he was a 3rd degree (Knight of the Order of Merit)

    Paul Richardson (RAOB GLE)

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