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Medal for 15th Anniversary of the Soviet Withdrawal from Afghanistan

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This one is from the "Russian Awards Committee" (Российский наградной комитет).

Below is the actual award document. The key difference is in the stamp on the document.

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Only with documents can we fill in the details, thanks!

The silliness is indeed extreme: From private commercial (capitalist) issues to the erstwhile "royals" and church. :banger:

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Roman mentioned in another thread that the Russian government is "finally" starting to come down on these various organizations and setting down some basic rules. It was honestly getting stupid...

They were producing medals bearing the names and logos of ministerial departments and sometimes even borrowing their ribbons. I have near 2 dozen medals that I have been trying to sort out as "official" or "non governmental" for well over a year now and still cannot authenticate 100% due to this FREE FOR ALL.

The sad part is quite senior military officers are some of the worst culprits when it comes to wearing these "commercial Xmas tree ornaments". Some formation commanders have even issued their own medals! They have to start imposing rules at the top and work their way down. Matter of fact, just setting the generals straight will suffice, once they're forced to remove these trinkets from their ribbon bars, trust me, crap flows down hill in the military and usually picks up speed on the way down.

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Sooner or later, but the order needs to be directed.

And it will guide. Generals will not be an exception. Considering, that the Minister of Defence not the military man generals to have now is heavy.

Now all public awards pass check of Geroldichesky council at the President and if examination resolves the public award to be brought in the general list.

Thus some awards should be changed that they were lawful awards.

Russia the big country and at us is surprising things much. :catjava: :speechless:

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