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    small Nachrichten Feldwebel group

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    Feldwebel Georg "Schorsch" Hohl from Sonthofen (Allg?u)


    Erkennungsmarke: A 161 Geb.Nachr.Ersatz Kp.



    In December 1944 Feldwebel Hohl served with the Armee-Nachrichten-Regiment 570 in Hungary.




    Writing on the back of photo:

    "Ungarn, den 12. Dez.44

    meiner liebe Mutter

    Weihnachten 1944

    von deinem


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    Guest Rick Research

    A "Feldwebel" in signals would have been a "Wachtmeister."

    Note the buttonhole ribbons-- correct 25mm width EK2 over an as-issued length of 30mm KVK ribbon. :Cat-Scratch: I've never understood why Third Reich awards were issued with 30mm ribbons when 25mm was used for medal bars and buttonhole wear. Never seen this "mix and match" before. :beer:

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