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    Silver Medal Fori Merit on The Feld of Glory

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    The Medal For Merit On The Field of Glory was instituted at the beginning of November 1943, by order of General Z. Berling, the Commander in Chief of 1 Polish Corps in Russia.

    It was included in the Polish awards system by decree of 23/12/44.

    Intended as an extension to the Vrtuti MIltari, t was awarded in 3 x grades, Gold, Silver & Bronze, to soldiers of The People?s Army, irrespective of rank, for acts of military virtue or valour before an enemy.

    Each grade could be awarded up to 4 times, the further awards being ndicated by bars worn on the ribbon, however in practice each award would be seperately.

    The requirements for the award of the Gold Medal were very high, comparable to those for the Soviet Gold Star of The Hero of The Soviet Union.

    It appears that the Gold Medal was discontinued after 1945, the Silver & Bronze Medals in 1992.

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    The medal is 40 mm in diameter, the obverse bears a depicton of The Virtuti Miltari (the design also including the crowned eagle & cross flags behind it until December 1944).

    The ribbon is 42 mm wide, black with broad light blue sde stripes ? reverse colours to the ribbon of The Virtuti Militari.

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