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    Two uncommon Australian Helmet Plates - intended for the blue infantry pattern helmet. The top one is for the State of Victoria Military Forces - the second one for State of Queensland. This on is very unusual in that it has the lead seal on the reverse to show it's acceptance by the purchases board. When they had the seal they became the pattern that all other manufactured ones had to follow. Both would have been fire gilt , but over the years it has faded back.


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    Dear Leigh

    Thankyou for your help - I am sorry to have given so much trouble. I've had the computer expert in and I think will have him back after the holiday. I'm not sure if it's the modem - or, my usual laptop - I've got another one in use , but I'm no expert.

    Thankyou. Mervyn

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    those badges are lovely. Are they for sale as I couldn't locate them on your site?

    Here is my NSW Military Forces helmet with badge. The Badge of the Colony design was granted in 1876 but was first mentioned in Dress Regulations in August 1881. The scarlet backing to the Badge of the Colony was authorised in 1883.



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    Stuart - what a cracking helmet and plate ! You should have put it sep. - it may not get noticed. When you see how the plate stands out with the backing, you can understand why so many badges have open spaces.

    The plate are available - all of my things are. Will IM. (says he proudly - I've just discovered how to send them !!!)

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