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Help Needed with info about a Soviet General

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I've been trying to find information about Lt. General M.M. Popov. He commanded the Northern Front during the Defese of Leningrad. So far I've found a brief paragraph in one book. Any help would be appreciated.

:beer: Doc

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General of the Army Markian Mikhailovich Popov

Born in 1902

Veteran of the Civil War

In the Soviet Army in 1920

Member of the Communist Party with 1921

Graduated from the course 'Vystrel' in 1925

Graduate of the Military Academy in the name of M. V. Frunze in 1936

In January 1941 he was appointed as Commander of Military Forces of the Leningrad Military District

Promoted to Lieutenant General in June 1941

Commander, Military Forces of the Northern and Leningrad Fronts from June to September 1941

Commander of 61st and 40th Armies from November 1941 to October 1942

Deputy Commander, Stalingrad and South-Western Fronts and Commander 5th Assault Army and 5th Tank Army from October 1942 to January 1943)

From April to May 1943 he commanded the Reserve Front and Military Forces of the Steppe Military District

Commanded the Briansk Front from June to October 1943, the Pribaltic and 2nd Pribaltic Fronts from October 1943 to April 1944

From April 1944 to July 1945 he was Chief of Staff of the Leningrad front; 2nd Pribaltic Front and Leningrad fronts

From 1945 to 19455 he was Commander of Military Forces of the L'vovsk Front

He was Commander of the Military Forces of the Tavricheskii Front from 1946-1954

Promoted to General of the Army in 1953

From 1955 to 1956 he was Vice Chief, later Chief of the Main Directorate of Military Training

From August 1956 to 1962 he was Chief of the Main Staff and 1st Deputy Commander of Sukhoput. Military Forces

In 1962 he was appointed to the Group of General Inspectors of the Ministry of Defense of the USSR

Appointed as a Hero of the Soviet Union in 1965

Died in 1969

Awarded the Gold Star of a HSU, five Orders of Lenin, 3 Orders of the Red Banner, two Orders of Suvorov, 1st Class, two Orders of Kutuzov, 1st Class, and the Order of the Red Star.

Regards, Gunner 1

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Thanks to All!!! I have a good sized library and was amazed at how little I had about this important commander.

:beer: Doc

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