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alfred anderson

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mr anderson passed on today, peacefully, in his sleep.

he was the last remaining british veteran who was

present at the Christmas truce of 1914, and according to the

evening news, one of the last of perhaps a dozen

remaining british great war veterans.

a thought, a wing, and a prayer for mr. anderson.


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How old was he?

When I was small, the WW1 generation were still "in charge," politically, economically, and in the schools. I had the same teachers (Class of 1916) my grandparents had had. When our little piping voices chanted "In Flanders Fields" with sloppily glued paper poppies up on the cafeteria stage, teachers cried and we wondered why. That world is now one more person closer to gone--really, truly gone-- forever.

One day our living memories of them will be gone too, and then they will join Caesar's legions in "legend."

That time is coming for the World War Two generation. Don't let them slip away into history's silence.

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Nice post, chaps.

A terrible shame, but I thank him for our freedom.

It made my blood boil that 'they' ie the PC brigade want to do away with Remembrance Sunday. It's men like this who we owe a great deal to. They carried the mental and physical scars to enable us to live the way do today.

I think one day a year isn't to much to ask. I do hope Mr Anderson found his peace.



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