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    Spain - Decoration


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    Hello collector and Spanish friends

    Could you give me a helping hand with that medal:

    1. Exact description of that decoration

    2. Which version and how long awarded

    3. Value

    4. Original Ribbon and needle needed - please send me a PM if you have one for sale

    Many thanks


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    I'll take a stab (those more educated please correct me): yours is a "Cruz Rojo 2d Clase, Pensionada" or roughly, Red Military Cross 2nd Class for Pensioners. The design of the crown indicates this medal was awarded from 1975 through today. The type ribbon/pin would be similar to that shown below. I don't know about the value.

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    I?m not an expert in this subject, but I must correct Scott in two aspects.

    First, the cross is not modern "1977 through today". The piece you have is from the Old Monarchy period; about (Alfonso XII- Alfonso XIII / 1868-1931), I cannot tell you the exact date.

    Second, the ribbon is very similar to that one, but with narrower white central stripe. The ribbon Scott shows is probably from the early Spanish civil war crosses awarded to the Legion Condor (wide central stripe).

    The Military Merit Cross was established by Isabel II, the 3rd of August 1864, to reward distinguished services in the Army and Navy at any time. Combat service (Red enamel) and other meritorious services (White enamel).

    Your cross, with Red distinctive and white stripes on the enamel means that the person awarded the cross received a pension. Probably (I?m not very sure of this, and hope someone correct me if I?m wrong) that this type of awards were for higher merits, hence the distinction, and the extra wages).

    About the value, it?s a bit confusing, as there are gold crosses (higher quality version) that run for about 500 Euros. But in a Spanish catalogue from 2002 there?s one like yours for 150 Euros. It may cost a bit more today.

    I think I have an Original Ribbon from that period. About the needle, I need to ask someone.

    I hope this has been helpful.



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    for that helpful information. Please send me a PM if you have an old (could also be used) ribbon for that medal!

    Hope to listen from you again!

    Best wishes to Spanin


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